A Democrat who wants to become the next president cannot claim he was unaware or had nothing to gain from his son’s work for an Eastern European energy company, a Republican senator said.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) revealed private emails recently made public clearly show Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was fully aware of son Hunter Biden’s controversial business dealings while the latter was still a board member of Burisma in Ukraine.

Johnson believes this proves Biden abused his vice presidential position at the time to meet with Burisma board adviser Vadym Pozharskyi and intervene with the Ukrainian government on his son’s behalf.

“As some of these emails indicate that Joe Biden was fully aware of this [and] he was taking his 10 percent cut or requiring 50 percent from his family member’s salary, this needs to be known before Americans go to the polls,” Johnson told Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” 

Johnson believes the FBI should have investigated and potentially prosecuted Biden for his political misconduct.

“This is not a standard investigation where if the FBI does not indict somebody that everything remains confidential,” he said. “This is something that as we were talking about relates to national security.”

He is concerned the FBI might have already known about the Democrat’s questionable actions, and had just decided to cover it up.

“The larger question really is, if they had this information, and these are genuine emails, and it would probably reveal all kinds of things that would have been very relevant to the impeachment case why did they sit on it?” he said.

If the FBI indeed knew about Biden abusing the power of public office, he believes it could indicate much more widespread corruption across the federal law enforcement agency.

“Are they covering up just because Hunter Biden might be engaged in things that also maybe should have been investigated and possibly prosecuted?” he said. “Do we have two systems of justice, one for Democrats and one for Republicans one for the well-connected versus one for the rest of the Americans that is really the larger issue here at play?”

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and that he was never involved in his son’s business dealings. He maintains there is no official calendar record of his meeting with Pozharskyi. However, Johnson believes the absence of a calendar entry does not necessarily mean the meeting never happened.

“All they have done to refute or deny this is to say that the meeting one of these emails revealed that Vice President Biden had with the number three in control of Burisma never showed up on his official calendar,” Johnson said. “There is all kinds of meetings that did not show up on his official calendar, this would not surprise me if this one did not.”

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