Just 75 days before the first Democratic primary vote, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) boasted Wednesday, Nov. 20, that she had never worked in the private sector.

“For my entire career, I’ve only had one client: The People,” Harris wrote on her Twitter account.

The tweet was in response to an NBC reporter who tweeted that presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg would publish more tax returns from his time working at McKinsey & Co., a major consulting firm.

“Pete Buttigieg encourages his opponents to disclose income from their time working in the private sector as well,” tweeted journalist Thompson, prompting Harris to respond that she received $0 from the private sector.

According to CBS News, Buttigieg released—hours before Wednesday’s fifth Democratic debate—tax returns for his first two years at McKinsey (2007 and 2008).

Harris, a lawyer, said she sought a career in law enforcement because she wanted to be “at the decision-making table.”

She served as deputy district attorney in Alameda County, California, from 1990 to 1998. During this time she was appointed to several state boards until 2000 when San Francisco City Attorney-elect Louise Renne recruited Harris to join her office.

She was also appointed to well-paid positions on two California state commissions—the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and the California Medical Assistance Commission.

Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco, who was openly in an extramarital relationship with Harris, admitted that he boosted Harris’s career in the 1990s.

Harris has defended her decision to take the position offered by her married lover despite her lack of experience.

The truth is that Harris boasts of not having worked for private companies, but on the other hand, the means by which she ascended in the public sector does not represent an acceptable standard of morality for a public official.

Harris, the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, defends left-aligned proposals like most of her Democratic rivals. Among the projects Harris advocates most for are single-payer health care, national cannabis legalization, and protection for illegal aliens.

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