A political expert said a growing number of Democrat supporters directed financial contributions towards the 2022 gubernatorial elections.

Cooper Teboe recently observed a “real shift” in significant donations to the Democratic Party. The campaign strategist and donor adviser at CDT Strategies found the money has moved from federal- to state-level politics.

“Of the pool of major donors–of big, institutional donors behind the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee–I would say 50% to 60% of them are now putting that same effort into governors,” she said according to Politico.

Teboe predicts the amount of cash directed towards November’s gubernatorial elections will keep soaring.

“I expect that group of donors to only grow,” he said according to the publication.

The consultant speculates many donors were motivated to dig deep after the GOP resisted the 2020 presidential election outcome and Democrat-led federal voting reform.

He suspects donations will also flow to both secretary of state and attorney general election campaigns in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia.

“My entire donating life has always been centered around Congress but I really think that if you care about democracy, you need to worry about these governors’s races–this is critical for us to win in 2024,” Democrat lobbyist Steve Elmendorf said according to the publication.

The latest CBS News/YouGov poll previously found just 5% of voters polled thought “very well” about the State of the Union ahead of Joe Biden’s first major speech to U.S. Congress.

The sample survey of 2,238 U.S. adults showed 36% felt “very badly,” 32% somewhat badly, and 27% somewhat well.

Respondents were also displeased with Biden’s response to inflation at 70%, immigration at 63%, the economy at 62%, and crime at 61% disapproval.

They wanted the incumbent to discuss the Russia-Ukraine conflict (73%), economy (67%), inflation (61%), and coronavirus outbreak (52%).

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