Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) argued about the impeachment, saying, “Democrats reject the will of 63 million Americans” who voted for President Donald Trump.

He also believes that the Democrats are carrying out a flawed process in which they invent the rules along the way and sometimes don’t even follow them, according to the interview granted to the Fox News “Special Report” program.

After seven days of public hearings, Jordan reiterated that the very basis of impeachment failed because the president never received anything from the Ukrainian government.

“And yet they continue to say, oh, oh, but this is impeachable,” said Jordan addressing Bret Baier.

“This is—this is about they have never accepted the will of the American people, when 63 million Americans, in an Electoral College landslide, said, we’re going to send Donald Trump to Washington shake that town up,” Jordan added in the program.

He also alluded to the previous case in which Democrats investigated the president for false collusion with Russia, spending millions of dollars in almost two years.

“And they’re going to do whatever it takes, Mueller report, FBI investigation, dossier, or now this, whatever it takes to try to get him out. That’s what this is really about,” Jordan stressed.

The Ukraine Case is the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry into whether President Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, one of his political rivals.

Eleven people gave testimonies and did not present evidence of inappropriate acts carried out by President Trump in relation to the Ukrainian government.

Jordan emphasized, Ukraine received all the aid offered by the United States and there is no evidence that Ukrainian officials carried out investigations in exchange for it.

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