Authorities questioned a Democrat from Georgia after she allegedly tried to interrupt new voter legislation from being enacted.

Georgia State Patrol troopers detained state Assemblywoman Park Cannon after she repeatedly knocked on the state governor’s office door while the incumbent was signing Senate Bill 202 into law.

A video shared on Twitter shows the alleged incident unfold. State troopers can be seen guarding the entrance to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s office on March 25.

“I need to get in there. I will not let our government be an accessory,” Cannon can be heard saying.

Cannon continues to knock on the door despite the strong trooper presence and appears to ignore a direct order to stop trying to enter the office during the bill’s signing.

Two troopers quickly apprehended the Democrat, who struggled while being handcuffed. She can then be seen dragging her feet while three troopers escort her out of the Georgia Capitol Museum in downtown Atlanta.

The assemblywoman has been a fierce opponent of the bill, which requires voters to produce identification for absentee ballots, limit drop boxes, and changes early voting hours.

“Georgia Republicans are about to pass dangerous anti-voting laws,” she said on Twitter. “That will limit access to ballot drop boxes, dramatically restrict vote by mail and add new identification requirements, criminalize giving food and water to voters waiting in long lines, and allow state takeovers of local county boards of elections.”

Cannon even attracted a small group of protesters who filmed parts of the alleged incident and kept demanding that troopers cite exactly how the Democrat broke the law.

“She knew he was signing a bill that would affect all Georgians–why would he hide behind closed doors?” activist Tamara Stevens told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “This is not a monarchy. You have a woman of color fighting for the rights of Georgians, and they arrested her for knocking on the door because she wanted to witness our governor sign the bill.”

Troopers ended up charging the assemblywoman with obstructing law enforcement and disrupting General Assembly sessions. She was detained at Fulton County Jail before being released on bail the same day.

“She was advised that she was disturbing what was going on inside, and if she did not stop, she would be placed under arrest,” State Patrol spokesman Lt. W. Mark Riley said according to the paper. “Cannon refused to stop knocking on the door.”

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