Faced with the current impeachment process against President Donald Trump by the Democrats, Jeff Van Drew (D-N.J.), said he is concerned that what the Democrats appear to be doing is trying to remove a legitimately elected president.

According to statements he gave last Sunday on the “Sunday Morning Futures” program on Fox News, Van Drew said some Democrats have even grown tired of the partisan effort now taking place in Congress and said he will not vote for the so-called impeachment unless there is evidence that Trump actually committed an irreparable crime.

Adam Schiff, who serves as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has not yet surprised Van Drew.

Van Drew implied that he usually acts in favor when talking about an issue that rises to the level of treason or when talking about major crimes, but in the case of impeachment “We don’t see that.”

“We see different small variations, rumors, discussions, someone heard something that someone else said,” Van Drew said, alluding to the words of the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. (…) I imagine I will vote no,” he added.

As BizPac Review notes, Van Drew was one of the politicians who voted “No” on the impeachment ruling against President Donald Trump, noting that even the “Founding Fathers had intense debates about whether to allow impeachment in the Constitution,” recalling, “Voters elect their leaders in the United States.

Regarding how his colleagues have been handling the issue, Van Drew acknowledged, “There is a discussion among some of them in silence, in private, no doubt worrisome. (…) What I hear on the street from most people is that they are a little tired, a little tired, a little bored and really—the Democrats—want to move on.

Van Drew explained that it is very unlikely that his party will turn and change direction at this stage of the game,”Many of us came to Congress because we really wanted to achieve goals, really work on issues like health care, work on prescription drug issues, electoral security, debt, deficit, the list goes on.

“We have spent millions of dollars, in my opinion, tons of money, tons of time, tons of pain, fracturing the nation. I have not seen that this is a good thing,” the congressman said, referring to what the preparations for the impeachment trial have involved.

According to BizPac Review, this week’s trial will feature testimony from Tim Morrison, former national security adviser to President Trump, assistant vice president Mike Pence, director of European affairs at the National Security Council Alexander Vindman and U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker.

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