Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) makes no apology for speaking with non-white reporters to promote diversity in the Windy City.

“I am unapologetic about it because it spurred a very important conversation, a conversation that needed to happen, that should have happened a long time ago,” she said according to the New York Times.

In fact, Lightfoot is so pleased with her so-called journalists of color policy that she promises to keep postponing interviews with white reporters in the future.

“I would absolutely do it again,” she said according to the paper.

The mayor made the announcement after her second inauguration anniversary, when she controversially vowed to block white journalists from having one-on-one interviews with her.

Speaking with the paper on July 26, Lightfoot claimed she still wants to address the city’s so-called lack of diversity.

“Going back to why I ran, to disrupt the status quo,” she said. “The media is critically important to our democracy … [and] the media is in a time of incredible upheaval and disruption but our City Hall press corps looks like it is 1950 or 1970.”

The Democrat hopes boycotting white reporters will force media organizations to hire more African Americans.

“People that make the hiring decisions have to be focused on diversity,” she said.

Lightfoot stressed the media industry in Chicago lacks journalists of color.

“In Chicago, we have a huge amount of diverse media talent,” she said according to Fox News. “We have got schools that are of journalism that are best in class across the country, and I would say, really, across the world.”

She also rejected any reason employers might have for not hiring more African Americans.

“The absence of journalists of color, covering the mayor of the third-largest city in a country is absolutely unacceptable,” she said according to the broadcaster. “So I decided to say something about it.”

The mayor then seemingly contradicted herself when suggesting she was not trying to control who reports the news about her.

“It is not about me choosing who covers me, right?” she said. “I gave exclusive interviews, and we do get to choose who we talk to in exclusives.”

“I gave exclusive interviews with journalists of color, right?” she added. “One 24-hour period and it was like people’s heads exploded.”

The 59-year-old has accused the nation of fostering “systematic racism.” However, her non-white reporter policy suggests she also promotes prejudice against people belonging to certain races.

“I had journalists saying, ‘Does the mayor think I am racist?’ No, it is not about individuals,” she said. “It is about systemic racism.”

Sticking firmly to her view about addressing racial fairness, Lightfoot had no regrets about prioritizing non-white journalists. She vowed to continue her policy until networks, companies, producers, and business decision-makers “take this seriously, because it is a serious issue.”

“The media plays a very important role in our democracy and, if the only voices in the media are white guys, that is a problem,” she said. “We need to have a variety of voices bringing different perspectives to interpreting events of the day so that we have a balanced, diverse approach to issues.”

The Daily Caller previously launched a lawsuit against the Democrat after she repeatedly rejected a white journalist’s request for a one-on-one interview. The publisher alleges the non-white policy violates parts of the First Amendment and the reporter’s right to equal protection.

“Mayor Lightfoot’s office today [June 11] shockingly confirmed to a federal court that she discriminates on the basis of race in the conduct of her public office,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “This racism is blatantly unconstitutional.”

The mayor’s communications director has “no plans” to repeat the controversial policy again.

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