Former Vice President Joe Biden defended his role in Ukraine amid a flurry of criticism about his alleged misconduct and his son’s business dealings in a Ukrainian company, saying that he is not “going anywhere.”

The Democratic presidential contender told hundreds of supporters on Wednesday, Oct. 2, in Nevada that he conducted “a fully transparent policy … in front of the whole world” when he pushed for the firing of Ukraine’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.

“We weren’t pressing Ukraine to get rid of a tough prosecutor. We were pursuing Ukraine to replace a week prosecutor who wouldn’t do the job,” he said.

Viktor Shokin, then top Ukrainian prosecutor, who led an investigation into Burisma Holdings that paid Biden’s son $50,000 monthly as a member of its board, was ousted after Biden threatened to withhold a $1 billion loan to the country unless Shokin was removed from office.

“Now, let me make something clear to Mr. Trump and his hatchet men and the special interests funding his attacks against me: I’m not going anywhere,” Biden continued.

President Trump called the former vice president and his son “stone-cold crooked” during a press conference Wednesday, noting, “His son walks out with millions of dollars. The kid knows nothing. You know it and so to be. Go ahead.”

The elder Biden said then and now that he’s “never” talked to his son Hunter about his business dealings overseas. Nevertheless, contrary to his claims, an edited music video featuring a photograph of Biden and his son alongside an executive from a Ukrainian gas company went viral on social media. Twitter has removed the video due to copyright issues.

YouTube, Twitter pull Trump’s Nickelback video aimed at Biden
— The Washington Times (@WashTimes) Oct. 4, 2019

Top-tier Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who has suffered shrinking poll numbers in recent weeks, announced raising $15,2 million in the third quarter of the year behind some virals. These modest results may further fuel questions about whether he can maintain his long-shot bid to the White House.

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