Attorney Jenna Ellis clarified that the lawsuits filed by President Donald Trump and his campaign only seek to defend electoral integrity and differ from those filed by other groups and lawyers. 

Ellis issued a series of tweets in which she reiterates the specific points that are legally claimed, and assures that they conform to the Constitution and seek to “correct this corrupt election.”

“The Trump Legal Team has not filed 50+ cases. Our litigation is only on behalf of the Campaign and the President and has always been focused on ensuring every legal vote is counted and ensuring election integrity,” Ellis wrote.

She added, “Our relatively few cases have focused on the false certifications, the overwhelming evidence state laws and the Constitution were violated in administration of the election, and demanding state legislatures exercise their absolute authority in the manner of selecting delegates.”

In this way, it specifies the arguments that they have made in court and that they have duly supported with the corresponding evidence. 

She also wrote, “Many other individuals & groups have filed lawsuits or raised theories that they are pursuing—separately from Trump Campaign.”

She concluded, “We will fight for the state legislatures to act & we will pursue all constitutionally appropriate & viable pathways to correcting this corrupted election.”

In fact, social networks amplify the various theories and resources that many individuals and groups propose, which include methods different from those followed by President Trump and his legal team, strictly compatible with the U.S. Constitution. 

It is also possible that court rejections of cases brought by people other than President Trump’s legal team tend to create confusion. 

Ellis’s clarifications were helpful to some Twitter users, who expressed this and encouraged further work. 

“Fight like a Flynn! Trump won and we the people know it! Thank you Jenna and your team for all you do!,” wrote user @CracoliciMandy.

“Thank you for All you are doing. I hope we can stop the steal of our Country,” also expressed the user @BrendaM47824549.

@BrownCheong also encouraged the effort to continue, and thanked her for her courage.  “Go ahead! All the people for integrity support you! Merry Christmas, Jenna! Thanks for effort and courageous!”


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