Undercover video footage of CNN’s employees released by Project Veritas showed a supervisor of field production saying that former President Barack Obama told Russia he would have “more flexibility” after the election and Democrats in Congress abuse their “freaking power every day.”

“What’s crazy to me is Obama was caught on camera,” manager of field operations Patrick Davis said at the start of a short clip shared on Twitter on Thursday, Oct. 17, by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

“With the Russian thing, right?” one of Project Veritas’s undercover agents—a CNN Insider replied.

“Yes! “Wait ’til I get into office and I have more room to negotiate, I have more flexibility” and I’m going, [expletive]. I’m going with…” Davis added.

“And I voted for the man,” CNN Insider said, admitting his wrong decision.

“But then Trump’s getting hammered for twisting an arm,” Davis continued talking about President Trump’s efforts to fight the Fake news media. “You know what I mean? I don’t know man, he [Trump] has survived everything up to this point. Bill Clinton survived getting his [expletive] sucked under a table, you know what I’m saying?” 

In another video, Davis claimed that Obama inherited a mess of fake news media but did nothing during eight years, adding that he’s “just to hands off” and “he’s just no interest in going to The Hill and taking.” By contrast, President Trump who “is up there all the time” trying to “wheel and deal.”

“My guess is, this House is crazy enough to go through with it and they’re starting it,” he continued. Everyone’s trying to do this from a ‘holier than thou perspective’ like, “Oh, he abused his power.””

Davis was referring to an impeachment inquiry conducted by Democrats who alleged President Trump’s abuse power in his office to interfere in the 2020 election by forcing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son.

Davis went on to condemn Democrats in Congress for their hypocrisy.

“Those [expletive], those 500 [expletive] up there, abuse their freaking power every day,” he said. “They do this [expletive] every fricking day.”

“For thirty year,” the CNN Insider chimed in.

“What he [Trump] was doing was nothing compared to what these [expletive] are doing on a daily basic, right,” Davis concluded.

Another piece of video footage released by Project Veritas showed the network is now pushing the Democrat Party’s narrative that President Trump deserves to be impeached. In the video, a field production supervisor suggesting that the network’s narrative involving the president won’t disappear until he dies.

O’Keefe continues this week to publish other videos revealing CNN Worldwide President Jeffrey Zucker boasting a “personal vendetta” against President Trump and discussed a strategy with Political Director David Chalian to attack Republican senators.

As emails from thousands of clients are being sent to CNN to express their anger, the network’s ratings keep sinking lower but it has yet to respond to the Project Veritas and the public.