YouTube Executive Director Susan Wojcicki revealed in an interview the parameters that the company she runs uses to censor content uploaded to the platform. This censorship generates constant protests from U.S. conservatives.

Wojcicki said they differentiate videos that can cause “harm” from those that spread hatred and discrimination, as she exposed in the program “60 Minutes” with journalist Lesley Stahl on Dec. 1.

However, the application of the company’s policies is very confusing.

Saying: “‘Don’t hire someone because of their race’, that’s discrimination,” according to Wojcicki, and that assertion violates YouTube policies, while saying “white people are superior” does not pose a problem for the company.

“We are removing content that violates our policies. In the last quarter alone, we eliminated 9 million videos,” Wojcicki said, pointing out that they use a team of people and machines.

Discrimination on the basis of political views is a common complaint of conservatives, in fact, a recent CBS report showed that more than 300 political ads of U.S. President Donald Trump were taken down by Google and its YouTube video platform.

The company only said the ads violated its policy, but did not specify the point they were supposed to violate.

President Trump’s supporters see this as a “blatant attempt to suppress voter information” before the 2020 elections.

Certainly the data handled by the giant YouTube is staggering and gives a scale of its power, on the one hand, it hosts 500 hours of video uploaded to its platform every minute.

People all over the world spend 1 billion hours watching its videos every day.

Also, by mid-year its parent company, Alphabet, had $117 billion available, making it one of the most powerful companies on the planet.

As for fighting its political opponents, in August of this year, engineer Kevin Cernekee, a former Google worker, revealed on a Fox News television show how the technology giant’s leaders had vowed in 2016 not to allow President Trump to win the elections again.

The Blaze reported that Susan Wojcicki’s goal is to remove from YouTube any conservative ideas, including content distributed by the president, citing the Dec. 2 episode of Jon Miller’s “The White House Brief.”