Canada’s health minister, Patty Hajdu, announced Monday on a public radio program that the country will require CCP vaccine passports for its citizens to travel internationally.  

As reported by the Independent, Patty Hajdu told “The House” radio program that the country will “absolutely” participate in such a program and is engaged in talks with G7 nations about launching a joint vaccine passport scheme.

It is unclear how the policy would affect border crossings between the United States and Canada and what the requirements will be for visitors from other countries, but talks are already underway.

“Canadians need to be able to have the right kind of certification for international travel because, as we know, Canadians will want to travel internationally, and they will want to make sure they have the right credentials to do that from a vaccination perspective,” Said the Minister while adding, “I’m meeting on a regular basis with my G7 counterparts and this is an ongoing conversation about how that might look.”

Canada already has a cell phone application called ArriveCan, which Canadians have required since last year. The government-run smartphone application is necessary when entering Canada by air or land on the excuse of the CCP Virus pandemic. 

From what the health minister implied, that same app could also verify that the person in question is vaccinated against the CCP Virus.

The Canadian federal government currently requires all travelers entering Canada to maintain a mandatory 14-day quarantine period upon arrival and before being allowed to move fully within the country due to the pandemic.

“The ArriveCan app allows air travelers to register when they book into their mandatory three-day stay at a government authorized hotel,” Hajdu reported.

“The app also allows travelers to register the results of COVID-19 (CCP Virus) tests before and after they arrive in Canada, provide details to border agents about their quarantine plans if they cross at a land border, and provide contact information for themselves and the people traveling with them,” she added.

The Canadian prime minister had already anticipated in late April, though without confirming it, that the requirement for CCP vaccination passports is “naturally to be expected.”

According to Minister Hajdu, the vaccination passport would initially be used only for international travel. But possibly in the future, it could be imposed for other activities as well. 

The vaccination passport seems to be the best method of coercion found by many countries to force the huge percentage of citizens who do not wish to be vaccinated against the CCP Virus to do so. People are resistant due to the well-founded fears of tens of thousands of reports of adverse effects worldwide, which in many cases have even led to death. 


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