A former Reagan era adviser revealed the current president would go down in history for publicly unmasking media bias and its influence on politics.

Political analyst, Jeffrey Lord believes President Donald Trump’s most significant national achievements were not necessarily in domestic or foreign policy but rather his crusade to expose media personalities that spread the left-wing ideology.

“All of their standards are gone, gone with the wind,” the former Reagan administration associate political director told the “Ingraham Angle.” “They are open partisans, and this, in a way, maybe one of President Trump’s biggest services to America is to out them.”

Lord described the current “national liberal” mainstream media landscape as a “serious rot” that brought back memories of the 1960s when reporters cheered for the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.

“Reporters [were] cheering for John F. Kennedy in the 1960 election and saying they all felt they were soldiers on the way to the new frontier with JFK,” he said. “The only difference now is it is [that sentiment is] out there, everybody sees it: the president has helped ‘out’ them.”

He gave the example of how positively media reports portrayed former President Barack Obama when U.S. Navy SEALs killed a key terrorist behind the World Trade Center attack in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001.

“Let us just remember when the media thought it was a good thing when Barack Obama took out Osama bin Laden and, frankly, good for him–they all cheered him on,” he said. “I mean, this is so blatant at this point. If Donald Trump does something, it’s bad. If anybody else does something, it’s good, and it is shameful and, frankly, damaging their own reputation.”

Lord believes the lack of objective mainstream media coverage needs to be addressed through more significant regulatory intervention that cracks down on irresponsible reporting practices.

He believes much more stringent rules will be very relevant if President Trump successfully overturns the November election outcome, defeats Democratic rival Joe Biden, and wins another four-year term in the Oval Office.

“There is a real rot there, and I think they have got to do some serious soul-searching about this,” he said. “If we are going to be going through this for the next four years and the media itself is going to have to be held to account. As I say, there’s a serious rot underlying media when it acts like this–and it’s not good.”

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