Government restrictions will not be reintroduced even if the deadly Asian pandemic causes the number of people infected to dramatically rise again, the president said.

President Donald Trump has ruled out shutting down the national economy a second time, despite a predicted second wave of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

“People say that [second wave] is a very distinct possibility” he told Fox News from the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan. “We are going put out the fires, we are not going to close the country.”

The remarks reflected a similar sentiment shared on the “Buck Sexton Show” where the president promised to never shut down the country again and instead pool the nation’s “best resources” to combat the pandemic.

“We will not do a lockdown for the second wave that is likely to come in the winter,” he said.

The president vowed to keep businesses operating and struggling Americans employed so they are able to provide for their families.

“The global pandemic proves once and for all that for America to be a strong nation, America needs to be a manufacturing nation,” he told Buck Sexton.

He also used the opportunity to highlight the devastating impact of allowing too many manufacturers to move operations to mainland China.

“I am fighting to bring back our jobs from China and many other countries,” he said.

He believes the most effective place to combat the virus is at its origin.

“It came in from China and it should have been stopped in China,” he said.

The president also dismissed media reports that he was not taking enough precautions to prevent himself from being infected by the CCP Virus.

“I had goggles and a mask right there [in the back area,]” he said on a video shared by Fox News. “I wore one in the back area but I did not want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it … it is not necessary, everybody has been tested, I have been tested this morning.”

The presidential visit came on the same day the Michigan Court of Claims rejected a lawsuit from Republicans in the state Legislature that accused Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of exceeding her authority by using emergency powers to impose tougher government restrictions on Americans during the pandemic.

“[The] decision recognizes that the governor’s actions to save lives are lawful and her orders remain in place,” she said on Twitter. “She will continue to do what she has always done: take careful, decisive actions to protect Michiganders from this unprecedented, global pandemic.”

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