A controversial Democratic senator from Vermont will soon be forced to suspend his election campaign for the presidency, the incumbent president said.

President Donald Trump believes Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has reached the end of the line in his latest bid for the Oval Office and will quickly need to yield to Democratic front-runner Joe Biden well before the 2020 general election is held on Nov. 3.

“Bernie has given up, just like he did last time,” the incumbent said on Facebook. “He will be dropping out [of the 2020 general election] soon.”

The remarks came just days after the senator gave his strongest indication yet that he would postpone his dream to become the next U.S. president and let Biden win the Democratic Party’s nomination for president.

“Of course I am going to drop out, he [Biden] will win,” Sanders said on a video uploaded by MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show.” “If Biden walks into the convention, or at the end of the process has more votes (delegates) than me, he is the winner.”

The candidate, who described himself as a socialist, has no regrets and believes he “fought very hard” to purge the Democratic Party of so-called superdelegates.

“I think it should be the decision of the people, not Washington insiders,” he said. “We lost but … on the first ballot there will be no superdelegates. In other words, we go into the first ballot, it is representatives, delegates who are represented by the people, and I think that that is right.”

He gave an example of the previous 2016 general election where then Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton allegedly had hundreds of superdelegates excluded before the first vote was held in Iowa.

“Hillary Clinton had 500 superdelegates set aside,” Sanders said. “Five hundred superdelegates, I thought that was totally outrageous and absurd and undemocratic.”

The Sanders would like superdelegates to be counted on a separate ballot.

“What I have said is I think it would be a real, real disaster for the Democratic Party if, you know, I’m running against you and you have more votes than me and I say, well, wait a second, I do not want Rachel,” he said. “I want somebody else who didn’t get as many votes as she did, let’s count the superdelegates’s vote on the second ballot.”

If the senator finally decides to suspend his campaign for the presidency, Sanders’s supporter base will be transitioned over to Biden’s campaign.

“The Democratic National Committee will have gotten their fondest wish and defeated Bernie Sanders, far ahead of schedule,” President Trump said. “Now they are doing everything possible to be nice to him in order to keep his supporters.”

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