Renowned former NFL football player Herschel Walker called on Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to stop violence in liberal cities.

“@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris⁩ you’ve been nominated as the Dem Leaders..please ask the leaders in these Democratic cities to stop the violence?” Walker wrote in one of his tweets.

Adding, “If not, how can we trust you guys if nominated..unless this violence is what you want for these communities right now?”

In his video, Walker regrets that the police are resigning, and as part of his strategy to help stop the violence of the extreme leftist groups Black Lives Matter (BLM) and antifa prefer not to address them but the candidates Biden and Harris.

“We’ve had so many chiefs of police just step down, to resign,” Walker said. “So, I’m not even going to get into BLM, or antifa, or anyone like that. I’m going to get into these leaders of those cities,” he added.

Walker also insisted that citizens be made aware that not all police are bad.

“Let’s cooperate with the police, and we all can go home safe. And let’s get along because this is not right this gotta stop,” Walker said in his video released on Sept. 9.

“I’ve watched a lot of these beautiful cities being destroyed by people rioting and I saw all these local leaders that won’t step to the plate to protect their citizens or their citizens’ businesses,” Walker also said.

Walker began his sports career with the New Jersey Generals, a team in the United States Football League (USFL), a professional football league that belonged to U.S. President Donald Trump, to whom he showed his support.

Support from African Americans has soared in favor of Trump’s campaign for his re-election to the White House for four more years.

One of the prominent African Americans who support Trump is state Rep. Vernon Jones (D-Ga.), who criticized his own party for exploiting black voters.

“The Democratic Party does not want black people to leave the mental Plantation they’ve had us on for decades,” Jones said, alluding to the time of slavery, according to the Daily Mail.

“‘But I have news for them: We are free people with free minds,” Jones said.

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