Attorney Sydney Powell filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, Nov. 25, in Michigan alleging that the Dominion Voting Systems changed hundreds of thousands of votes from President Trump to Joe Biden. A similar lawsuit was filed in Georgia where some 96,000 votes from President Trump to Biden, the Washington Times reported.

Powell is one of the attorneys working independently to prove massive voter fraud by the Dominion. She found that Dominion is linked to the regime of the late Hugo Chávez, the former socialist dictator of Venezuela who also used the system to win elections in his country.

“While this complaint, and the eyewitness and expert testimony incorporated herein, identify with specificity sufficient ballots required to overturn and reverse the election results, the entire process is so riddled with fraud, illegality, and statistical impossibility that this court, and Michigan’s voters, courts, and legislators, cannot rely on, or certify, any numbers resulting from this election,” the lawsuit states.

The centerpiece of the Michigan lawsuit, which features hundreds of pages of evidence, including eyewitnesses and cybersecurity experts, are the very high spikes in ballots counts in relatively short time frames, all of which are excessively high for the Democratic candidate, when moments before it was President Trump who had a significant advantage over Biden.

In addition, as previously reported, there were Republican poll watchers who saw and declared under oath that Dominion’s machines were connected to the internet, another illegal aspect of the system in question.

The Michigan lawsuit provides an expert witness, Russell Ramsland Jr. who said Dominion is responsible for “the injection or fabrication, of 289,866 illegal votes in Michigan, that must be disregarded.”

The lawsuit filed in Georgia accuses the governor and the secretary of state of having allowed “rogue actors to penetrate and manipulate the software” to change the outcome of the election.

In Georgia’s complaint, Powell’s expert witness, Ramsland, concluded that “at least 96,600 mail-in ballots were illegally counted.”

Biden currently leads President Trump by about 154,000 votes in Michigan and 12,600 in Georgia. By nullifying these rigged votes for the Democratic candidate, President Trump would be the winner of these two states with 32 electoral votes, leaving him only 6 votes away from winning the presidency.

According to the different demands by Powell, about 1.5 million votes between Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were manipulated by Dominion to give Biden the victory.

In Pennsylvania there was a peak of 600,000 votes in a short period of time of which 570,000 were for Biden and only 3,200 for President Trump.

Phil Waldren, a retired U.S. Army colonel, explained, “Normally, you would expect to see a smooth curve. That big spike that occurred there is a prime indicator of fraudulent votes.”

Waldren who is an expert in computer warfare said that an estimated 1.2 million votes were tampered with in Pennsylvania.

With Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, President Trump would be re-elected as president of the United States.

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