House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) intends to circulate the president’s private financial information.

Pelosi vows to release President Donald Trump’s personal tax returns, if Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the general election on Nov. 3.

“When we win this election and we have a new president of the United States in January; we have a new secretary of the Treasury, and Rep. Richie Neal (D-Mass.) asks for the president’s–the president’s returns–then the world will see what the president has been hiding all of this time,” she said in a statement.

Lawyers acting for the Oval Office recently filed a request with the Supreme Court to block a subpoena from Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. (D) that could compromise the president’s privacy by revealing his tax returns dating back to the year 2011.

They describe any criminal probe of the president at the state or local level as unconstitutional and unprecedented in American history.

“Allowing the sitting president to be targeted for criminal investigation—and to be subpoenaed on that basis—would, like an indictment itself, distract him from the numerous and important duties of his office, intrude on and impair executive branch operations, and stigmatize the presidency,” American Center for Law and Justice chief counsel Jay Sekulow said in a brief according to The Associated Press.

The legal action could lead to a battle in the highest court and such a case could produce a definitive ruling on whether a sitting president has a legal obligation to surrender personal tax returns, and if incumbent presidents can actually be prosecuted or investigated for alleged crimes.

Although lower courts have so far rejected Trump’s claims of immunity, the president is still refusing to release his tax returns and hopes the Supreme Court will decide the case before the end of 2020.

The Democratic Party is now exhausting all legal avenues to force the president to fully disclose his tax returns.

“Richie Neal has been completely strong and tough‑minded on this … [and,] in terms of dealing with the courts now, he has been strong and persistent and doing exactly what the lawyers say that we have to do in order to prevail in the courts,” Pelosi said. “We are at the mercy of the courts, at the mercy of the courts but he has been very strong in he has gone forward–he could not do anything more.”

The House speaker appears to have pinned her hopes on the outcome of partisan lawsuits that experienced lengthy delays and forced American taxpayers to foot the soaring legal fees.

“What we are waiting for is also some other decisions that the court has held up,” she said. “The Trump courts have held up decisions, which then back up other decisions, want to be predicated on where we go forward. The McGahn decision, for example, came down in our favor. However, the administration will further appeal.”

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