A Democrat that used to be a Georgia state representative accused Republicans of preventing Americans from deciding the future of the nation.

Former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams claims the GOP can only defeat the Democratic Party by discouraging or preventing certain registered voter groups from casting their ballots on Election Day.

“Republicans do not know how to win without voter suppression as one of their tools,” she said in a video shared on on Air.TV.

Abrams is now using her so-called Fair Fight voting rights group to prevent concerned Georgians from confirming all ballots cast during the November election were lawful. Fair Fight is suing the citizen-led True the Vote from challenging the outcome of the presidential race.

“That is why we see True the Vote down here in Georgia challenging 364,000 voters eight days before the election because voter suppression is their modus operandi [method,]” she said.

The Democrat vowed to do everything in her power to oppose GOP sympathizers.

“We are going to do what we have been doing, which is we are going to work to mitigate voter suppression,” she said.

The remarks came after Fair Fight accused True the Vote of terrifying Democrat supporters by verifying who actually won the election.

“True the Vote’s challenges are meant to intimidate voters and undermine our electoral process,” Fair Fight said on Facebook. “Georgia has an ugly history of vote suppressors intimidating voters of color, and we will not tolerate efforts to suppress the vote.”

The group ordered Georgians who support True the Vote to permanently vacate the Peach State, even though they live locally.

“Our message to True The Vote: get out of Georgia and leave our voters alone,” Fair Fight said. “Georgia voters have the right to combat these shameful and abusive tactics in federal court, and we look forward to making the case that these challenges violate federal law.”

However, True the Vote maintains questioning the integrity of the election process is completely within the law, and concerned citizens have the right to challenge the state for quickly declaring Joe Biden the winner.

“As expected, the left did not wait long to try and stop our efforts to ensure a free and fair election in the Georgia runoffs,” True the Vote said according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Our work here in Georgia is only the beginning of our efforts nationwide to restore faith and confidence in our election system.”

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