A Democrat running for the Oval Office overreacted after being asked to remind a fellow congresswoman to adhere to social distancing measures the party preaches.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to lose control after he was asked to instruct House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to cover her nose and mouth.

Biden tried to use the first presidential debate to defend the Democratic Party’s policy of extending mandatory lockdowns to help contain the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

“[The Trump administration] does not have a plan, [and] if I were running [the country] I would know what the plan is,” he said in a video shared on YouTube. “You have got to provide these businesses the ability to have the money to be able to reopen with the personal protective equipment as well as with the sanitation that they need.”

President Donald Trump raised an Aug. 31 incident where surveillance footage caught the House speaker breaching a mandatory face mask rule while having her hair washed and dried at eSalon in San Francisco.

“Tell that to Nancy Pelosi,” he said. “Tell it to Nancy Pelosi and Schumer, ‘crying’ Chuck.”

Biden quickly became irritated and tried to shut down the incumbent instead of addressing Pelosi’s poor judgment.

“Well, he should just shush for a minute,” he said. “By the way Nancy Pelosi and Schumer—they have a plan, he [President Trump] will not even meet with them—the Republicans will not meet with them in the Senate, and he sits in his golf course.”

However, the president fired back that he knew Biden was a very keen golfer too.

“No, you probably play more than I do Joe,” he said. “He wants to shut down this country and I want to keep it open.”

The Democrat then tried to interrupt the president.

“He shut it down,” he said.

However, Biden’s retaliation proved futile as he ended up being “shut down” himself.

“Wait a minute Joe, let me shut you down for a second Joe, just for one second,” the president said. “He wants to shut down the country, we just went through it, we had to because we did not know anything about the disease … if you look at certain states that have been shut down, they have Democrat governors running them all. One of the reasons they are shut down is they [Democrats] want to keep it shut down until after the election on Nov. 3. Because it is a political [stunt.]”

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