Singer and actor Bette Midler is sorry for sharing offensive messages about the hostess of the White House.

Social media outcry has forced Midler to back down from her earlier criticism of Melania Trump’s speech on the second night of the Republican National Convention.

Midler had seized the opportunity to racially attack the first lady for speaking with an accent and allegedly residing in the United States unlawfully.

“Be Best [initiative founder Melania Trump] is back, a [H]UGE bore,” Midler said on Twitter. “She can speak several words in a few languages, get that illegal alien off the stage.”

Midler then stressed Melania Trump failed to articulate herself in English and even claimed the president had low intelligence.

“Oh God, she still cannot speak English,” she said on Twitter.

“Anodyne, anodyne, nothing but simple minded pablum, ‘I have to remind myself that I am very lucky,’” she continued on Twitter. “I completely agree, you are one lucky Slovenian and, after all that surgery, you hit a kind of horrible jackpot, chained to a colossal idiot.”

However, more than 1,600 followers were unimpressed and strongly criticized Midler for spreading what appeared to be hate speech against people who were not born in America. The backlash forced Midler to show remorse for her actions.

“Well, all hell has broken loose because I said Melania ‘still cannot speak English’ last night,” she said on Twitter. “I was wrong to make fun of her accent, America is made up [of] people who speak with all kinds of accents, and they are all welcomed always.”

After sharing this message the criticism continued, making the actor reveal she deliberately shared the offensive messages.

“Why not? [I was] just giving them a taste of their own immigrant-bashing medicine,” she said on Twitter. “I guess they are not keen.”

Midler is not the first Hollywood celebrity to stir up controversy. Barbra Streisand once accused President Donald Trump of being responsible for deaths caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

“I wrote a song called ‘Don’t Lie to Me’ after [President] Trump was elected because he was a serial liar,” she said on Twitter. “Now, with more than 20,000 people dead because of his incompetence and lies, he has proven that he cannot handle the truth.”

Midler, who is open about her near 30-year struggle with social anxiety disorder, claimed the incumbent president was “unfit” to lead the nation in a worldwide pandemic, especially in a “time of crisis.”

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