A group responsible for developing and promoting the Republican political platform received a major jump in revenue since impeachment proceedings began against the president on Sept. 24.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has confirmed it raised more than $20.6 million during the month of November as Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry intensified, making that the best ever November in the party’s recorded history.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel believes House Democrats’ relentless attempts to remove the president from the Oval Office appear to have backfired with an unprecedented level of donations from supporters.

“Democrats’ baseless impeachment charade has only served to bolster our base and attract more voters to our cause and the result is another record-breaking fundraising month,” McDaniel told Fox News.

Federal Election Commission data obtained by Fox News shows the party has already amassed $63.2 million in cash, making it 112 percent greater than the $29.8 million cash on hand for the previous 2012 general election.

The president’s success with managing the U.S. economy and negotiating better trade deals has not gone unnoticed among voters.

“Trump’s policies made historic progress this month as well, with [the] United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement clearing another legislative hurdle, paid-family leave secured for federal employees, and 266,000 jobs added to the economy—all while Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment sham droned on,” McDaniel said.

The RNC is confident Trump will be returned to office once the impeachment trial ends in the Senate.

“Voters will make their voices heard by re-electing President Trump and voting for Republicans up and down the ballot in 2020,” McDaniel said.

The RNC recently held an invitation only fundraiser at the Trump International Hotel Washington that attracted more than 600 delegates from across the nation and booked out all 263 guest rooms and suites at the establishment.

The president delivered welcoming remarks and attendees had the opportunity to have lunch with Vice President Mike Pence. Others speakers included Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Several donors who attended described the lavish event as a celebration for people who have donated large sums of money.

“If you are a major donor to the party and the RNC’s Trump Victory campaign fund, then you get invited,” Texas businessman Doug Deason told The Associated Press.

Deason and his father Darwin revealed they have already donated at least $2.2 million to support Trump’s bid for a second term of presidency at the 2020 general election.

The president confirmed he has already passed management of his business interests over to his two grown up sons since winning the 2016 general election. Trump retains ownership of the company and has exercised his right to not place his assets in a blind trust even though critics have demanded that he do so.