A former president helped the Democratic Party’s nominee for the Oval Office raise millions of dollars in just one night.

Barack Obama helped candidate Joe Biden raise $7.6 million in donations for his 2020 bid to win presidency at the upcoming general election on Nov. 3.

Obama amassed the money from more than 175,000 individual donors who attended the pair’s grassroots fundraiser on June 23, according to The Associated Press.

A campaign fundraising website set up just for the event encouraged supporters to each donate between $15 and more than $1,000.

“Chip in any amount to attend our grassroots fundraiser with President Obama,” the website said. “Most people are chipping in $25 … your contribution will benefit Joe Biden.”

The event was widely perceived to be the former president trying to make a comeback from retirement, as Biden appeared to stay alongside Obama as his wingman for practically the entire event.

The upstaging happened despite the former president earlier promising to join Biden simply for a conversation about the election.

“I am joining my friend Joe Biden tomorrow to talk about everything that is at stake in this election,” Obama said on Twitter. “I hope you will join us, too. This is a critical moment in our history—and all of us have to do our part to build this country into what we know it can be.”

Obama is constitutionally ineligible to serve a third term due to the 22nd Amendment, which limits U.S. presidents to serving a maximum of two terms in the Oval Office.

In Dallas, President Donald Trump recently raised more than $10 million in donations for his Republican National Committee and Trump Victory Fund according to The Associated Press.

The incumbent recently suspected Obama and Biden of participating in government-funded espionage, namely a controversial investigation into alleged Russian foreign interference in the 2016 general election.

He believes secret documents, which will soon be declassified, prove Obama participated in—or was at least aware of—the FBI’s surveillance of then president-elect Donald Trump.

“Here is the thing, it was impossible for it to happen without the man that sits right in that chair in the Oval Office, he knew everything,” he told Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” “Ultimately, the president knew everything, President Obama and Vice President [Joe] Biden knew everything … [and Obama] probably directed them but, if he did not direct them, he knew everything. You are going to see that when the papers come out.”

The president gave the example of a text message between then FBI Lawyer Lisa Page and FBI counterespionage chief Peter Strzok, discussing the previous president of the United States (POTUS) request for all the details of their surveillance.

“Remember when the Lisa Page text to her lover, saying POTUS wants to see everything?” he said. “They are not talking about me, I was not president [at the time.] They are talking about [how] POTUS wants to see it.”

He warned any investigator found guilty of misconduct could face serious consequences. Unauthorized leaking of classified government information can carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison under the Espionage Act.

“It is a disgraceful thing but we caught him in the act,” the president said. “Now it is like an avalanche of really bad, call it treason, call it whatever you want but they tried to take down a duly elected president of the United States.”