A successful Contra Costa County, California, physician, Dr. Michael Deboisblanc, was recently removed from his position as John Muir Health’s trauma medical director after writing a letter to health officials questioning the effectiveness of the county’s lockdown measures.

California is once again in the spotlight for its leftist and authoritarian policies that do not allow for a diversity of thought.

Deboisblanc, in a communication with Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday, Dec. 23, reported that a group of parents were in favor of the reopening of schools in the area asked him to write the letter using his medical knowledge to validate his claim as more than legitimate. 

“All the data that I am aware of, looking at children and the virus, shows that it’s safe” to reopen schools, Debloisblanc told Sandra Smith. “There are many other states now that have months of track records showing that it’s safe for their kids to go back to school. And the state of California and the county is just not making that possible.”

The letter in question was written by Deboisblanc along with his colleagues Dr. Pete Mazolewski and Dr. Brian Hopkins. 

“The science is clear that more lockdowns lead to much more non-COVID morbidity and mortality,” summarizes the letter.

Deboisblanc reported that in the letter, in addition to medical arguments, they named social and economic reasons for validating their statements. Among them, the number of small stores and restaurants that are closing their doors because of the lack of sales, leaving their employees without work and generating a deep economic crisis that, among other inconveniences, is known to generate great health problems of all kinds in the population. 

“These are restaurants that are just trying to survive and keep their doors open,” he said. “It has been very difficult for them.

The state of California is suffering a population exodus that is unprecedented. The reasons revolve around the discontent with the advance of the leftist policies that Democrats have been implementing with increasing enthusiasm. 

Among them are the extreme lockdown restrictions under the pretext of the CCP Virus pandemic, the increase in taxes, the economic crisis, delinquency and insecurity, strengthened by the defunding of the police, and the increase in social control, which includes cases like the one Deboisblanc recently suffered, fired from his job for opposing the government’s thinking.

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