President Donald Trump tweeted out an online poll indicating nearly 98% of American voters “stand with” him on impeachment after House Democrats announced a formal inquiry on Sept. 24.

The online survey, labeled “BREITBART IMPEACHMENT POLL”, raised a question: “Do you stand with President Trump?”

Up to 97.83% of respondents voted “Yes” and only 2.17% voted “No.”

“THANK YOU!” President Trump said, sharing the poll result on his Twitter on Monday evening, Sept. 30.

The poll by Breitbart, a right wing news organization, produced a contrary result from some other polls, which show a surge in support for the president’s impeachment.

A new poll also released on Monday, Sept. 30, by Quinnipiac found an increase of 10 points in support for impeachment compared to last week when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the inquiry on Sept. 24, but Americans are evenly split over impeaching President Trump and “stand with” him.

In detail, 47% of the surveyed said “Yes” in response to the question “Do you think that President Trump should be impeached and removed from office?”, while the same percentage said “No.”

CNN’s poll shows the same result. The channel reported Monday that its latest survey found that less than half (47%) of voters supported impeaching the president while 45% opposed.

According to Breitbart, all the polls it has conducted since July show that at least half of American voters have opposed beginning impeachment or an impeachment inquiry.

After Pelosi formally called for the first step toward the president’s impeachment, some Republicans criticized her of abusing the role as House speaker. Those Republicans include Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) who said Pelosi did “really was the worst we’ve seen yet where she announced an impeachment inquiry without any evidence, without seeing a transcript of the phone call at issue, without seeing any details from the supposed whistleblower.”

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