A massive network of protesters, bringing together more than 80 anti-Trump groups, is organizing under the name Protect the Results, is aiming to mobilize millions of Americans and deny President Trump in case he wins the election.

Under the unfounded pretext of trying to “prevent a constitutional crisis,” the massive network of leftist activists and well-funded progressive groups are training, organizing, and planning the mobilization of millions of Americans in the streets if President Trump wins the election.

The coalition of more than 80 advocacy groups and grassroots organizations was born out of the merger of two well- and long-establish groups called Indivisible and Stand Up America. Both leftist groups emerged in response to President Trump’s 2016 election win and their stated goals are “to organize and resist Trump’s dangerous agenda” and “to defeat Trump and his enablers.” By merging, they took the initiative to bring together any left-wing groups that have the common goal of removing Trump from office.

Both groups are part of the Democracy Alliance (DA), which Breitbart claims is an alliance financed by left-wing billionaire George Soros. It also receives donations from thousands of small- and medium-sized donors who have the same common goal of developing a unique progressive movement in the United States. 

Other left groups that are also being funded by Soros include MoveOn, Women’s March, Working Families Party, and Center for Popular Democracy. All are now part of Protect the Results.

Soros, in an interview with the Independent, compared President Trump to a “dangerous dictator” and said he is “fighting” for his political life and will do “anything to stay in power.” 

Given his harsh description of President Trump, it is not surprising that groups backed by Soros are leading the so-called resistance that is brewing to provoke mass demonstrations the day after the election.

Several leaders of the “resistance” groups belonging to the DA group have made public over the last few days their intentions to demonstrate in November.

“Will we be successful? We’re going to fight like hell to make sure we are,” said Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn, that joined the coalition.  

Sean Elridge, founder of Stand Up America, stated in The Times, “We will mobilize, we will take to the streets, we will pressure state and local election officials to make it clear that the American people will not allow Donald Trump to steal this election.”

“On November 3. After the vote, get in the streets! Donald Trump must go and we must make it happen! ” said a tweet in August by ShutDownDC, an “organizing space” that partners with Protect the Results.

Most of these leftist leaders are behaving like real terrorists, seeking first to spread fear and hatred in society, promoting a false narrative about President Trump’s power and his supposed intentions to seize power and become a “dictator.” Secondly, they seek to encourage people to take to the streets in mass demonstrations in search of so-called justice against the Trump dictatorship and weaken and/or transform the system. 

Unfortunately, leading Democratic figures are playing the same game as these leftist groups, setting the stage for chaos and mass unrest.

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton reportedly urged Biden not to concede the election “under any circumstances,” while the Democratic presidential candidate said he is confident that Trump “will try to steal this election.” 

With a veritable army of anti-Trump protesters organized in a grand coalition and well-funded preparing the battlefield for supposed post-election anarchy, the Democratic leaders’ statements are not trivial. 

To counter the leftist advance, a group of citizens took the initiative to put together a petition asking the Trump administration and the governors of the 50 states to initiate an investigation into George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, and those who fund the vast network of radical organizations that with bad intentions seek to destabilize the United States. The petition quickly gathered more than 60,000 signatures.