A Democrat that controls the White House made a statement about racial equality while redecorating the Oval Office.

Joe Biden has taken down a historical portrait of former President Andrew Jackson and added a bust of civil rights activist César Chávez.

The Hill speculated Biden deliberately made the change. He wanted to send a message that he had a problem with former President Trump following Jackson’s example because both were elected on a “populist platform and railed against entrenched interests.”

“Critics have pointed to his brutal policies against indigenous people and his participation in the slave trade,” Hill staff writer Zack Budryk said.

Biden’s decision to display Chavez’s likeness behind the Resolute Desk also suggests he intends to support the same policies as the left-leaning labor leader did in the 1960s and 1970s.

“The new layout includes busts of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy on either side of the fireplace as well as the Chavez bust,” Budryk said. “Other busts in the office include Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt.”

The White House confirmed the arrangement is no accident and there was a hidden message to decode.

“It was important for President Biden to walk into an Oval that looked like America and started to show the landscape of who he is going to be as president,” Deputy Director of Oval Office Operations Ashley Williams told the Washington Post.

Williams also revealed Biden’s decision to put two paintings of founding rivals Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson together was meant to show “hallmarks of how differences of opinion, expressed within the guardrails of the Republic, are essential to democracy.”

Outgoing White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany recently slammed incoming deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon for calling every GOP member a contemptible or stupid person.

“[Former] Biden campaign manager called us ‘[expletive!!!]'” McEnany said on Twitter.

The press secretary described the behavior as very annoying and disappointing.

“She can try to walk back, but this says volumes about her boss who calls for ‘unity’ while shouting that we are ‘assaulting democracy,’ they think we are deplorable, irredeemable ‘[expletive],'” she said. “Sick!!”

The remarks came after O’Malley Dillon vented her frustration with the Democratic Party’s failure to reach bipartisan agreements with the GOP.

“In the primary, people would mock him [Biden] like, ‘You think you can work with Republicans?'” O’Malley Dillon told Glamour Magazine. “I am not saying they are not a bunch of [expletive]. Mitch McConnell is terrible.”

She also appeared to blame Republicans for refusing to let Democrats seize control and decide how to run the country.

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