Joe Biden extended an olive branch to a member of the press for any suffering he may have caused on Jan. 24.

The president phoned White House correspondent Peter Doocy to “clear the air” and defuse an angry or tense situation.

Biden extended friendship, played down his earlier criticism as “nothing personal,” and invited the reporter to keep asking unique questions according to Fox News.

The dialogue happened after Biden accidentally cursed at Doocy while his microphone was still hot. Practically everyone in the briefing room heard the Democrat’s heated remarks.

Footage of the alleged incident shows the president initially refusing to answer a different Fox News reporter’s question about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine border dispute.

“The only reason I do not like doing is this is because you never report on why I called a meeting,” Biden said in a video shared on YouTube.

“This is really important, I had a very, very good meeting–totally unanimity with all of the European leaders. We will talk about it later, thank you,” he added.

Doocy then tried to question the president about whether he thinks inflation will be a “political liability ahead of the midterms.” Biden was less than impressed.

“That is a great asset, more inflation. What a stupid son of a [expletive,]” the Democrat can be heard saying.

In hindsight, Doocy was not offended at all by the outburst and joked his colleagues should try to “fact-check” the accuracy of Biden’s remarks.

The White House later stressed the president takes freedom of the press seriously. Biden once warned his entire administration to treat reporters with “decency and dignity” because the penalty is instant dismissal.

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