A Republican from Kentucky wants the president to give his word that no new infrastructure funding will be spent on environmental ambitions.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants Joe Biden to guarantee a bipartisan infrastructure bill will not include millions to meet left-wing Green New Deal targets.

“The president has appropriately delinked a potential bipartisan infrastructure bill from the massive unrelated tax-and-spend plans that Democrats want to pursue on a partisan basis,” McConnell said in a statement.

The Republican urged Biden to make sure Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi agree to the same terms.

“Now I am calling on President Biden to engage Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi and make sure they follow his lead,” McConnell said.

The GOP suspects Schumer and Pelosi might block the infrastructure bill in U.S. Congress until it includes funds to fight climate change, a theory that burning fossil fuels creates carbon emissions which can allegedly influence long-term weather patterns.

“Walk-back their threats that they will refuse to send the president a bipartisan infrastructure bill unless they also separately pass trillions of dollars for unrelated tax hikes, wasteful spending, and Green New Deal socialism,” the Republican said.

McConnell believes it is the president’s responsibility to make sure his fellow Democratic Party members fall in line.

“The president cannot let congressional Democrats hold a bipartisan bill hostage over a separate and partisan process,” he said. “President Biden’s walk-back of his veto threat would be a hollow gesture.”

The remarks came after a bipartisan group of Republicans and Democrats reached a tentative agreement with Biden on the bill.

The deal involves significantly scaling back the originally proposed $2.3 trillion package, a strategy that radical Democrats strongly criticize.

Pelosi previously refused to support a bipartisan infrastructure bill without global warming provisions and tax increases in a left-leaning reconciliation package.

“There will not be an infrastructure bill unless we have a reconciliation bill, plain and simple,” she said in a statement. “There ain’t going to be an infrastructure bill unless we have the reconciliation bill passed by the U.S. Senate because we have the shared values—this is really important.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, one of the South Carolina Republicans involved in bipartisan negotiations, refused to support Biden’s proposal if Schumer and Pelosi succeed in adding funding to curb climate change.

“If he is gonna tie them together, he can forget it! I am not doing that–that is extortion!” he said according to Politico. “The Dems are being told, ‘You cannot get your bipartisan work product passed unless you sign on to what the left wants,’ and I am not playing that game.”

In the face of heavy criticism from Republicans, the president walked back his earlier promise not to sign a bipartisan infrastructure deal that includes other so-called national priorities.

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