President Joe Biden has been briefed on the possibility of deploying thousands of U.S. troops to Eastern Europe to counter Russia amid the recent tensions in the region, Fox News reported.

In a briefing at Camp David on Sunday, Jan. 23, Biden’s advisors presented him with various options if Russian troops move into neighboring countries in Eastern Europe.

In one option, the United States will send 3,000-5,000 troops to Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia as part of a broader effort from NATO to warn Russia against its aggressive stance.

Biden is also mulling deploying naval vessels to make port visits to NATO allies. In these proposed actions, some equipment and troops would come from Europe and some from the United States.

The United States’ options come after the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office disclosed on Saturday that it had information that suggested Moscow plans to install its puppet in Ukraine.

“We have information that indicates the Russian Government is looking to install a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv as it considers whether to invade and occupy Ukraine,” said the British agency’s spokesperson. He pointed out that Russia considered former Ukrainian Parliament member Yevhen Murayev as a potential candidate.

Biden met with his national security team on Saturday in response to this development, which one U.S. official said was “deeply concerning.”

The tensions emerged as more than a hundred thousand Russian troops were practicing near its borders with Ukraine. Moscow demands binding security guarantees that would prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and require the alliance to roll back its forces.

The United States and its NATO allies have rejected those demands.

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