President Joe Biden allegedly prevented reporters from accessing immigration detention areas to avoid blame for the escalating border crisis.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) accused President Joe Biden of putting his political career ahead of all Americans’ safety by stopping the press from visiting the nation’s southern border.

“The reason that the press are not allowed in is because they do not want the American people to know what is going on,” Jordan told Fox News.

The congressman believes President Biden is terrified about journalists exposing the Democratic Party’s failed policy to keep illegal aliens in the United States.

“If the press were allowed in the Border Patrol agents would tell them exactly what they told us, namely that the reason for this is because of the policy that Joe Biden has now adopted, which is we are not going to keep people in Mexico,” Jordan said. “That single policy is what is driving this huge volume, the huge volume of people coming is what is driving the terrible conditions and the harm that has been done to some of these young kids.”

The Republican revealed multiple senators visited the U.S.–Mexico border and were allegedly ordered not to record videos or even take photos, showing the overcrowded Donna facility.

“One pod that we looked at in the Donna facility, the same facility that the senator was talking about, there were supposed to be 33 kids in this area [but] there were 527,” he said. “That is what the conditions are like.”

Jordan felt disgusted by the Biden administration’s lack of interest in seeing the southern border firsthand.

“Joe Biden the president will not go to the border, the vice president will not go down to the border, [and] the press are not allowed in,” he said. “Even when [Homeland Security] Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas went down this past week, [members of] the press were not allowed in.”

He believes there would be no southern border crisis if Donald Trump was still in the Oval Office.

“The policy that President Trump had [was] we are not going to keep people in Mexico while we are evaluating to see if they can actually come into this country,” he said.

The Democratic Party’s reluctance to take tougher action has also allegedly harmed the illegal aliens themselves.

“These conditions are just not appropriate at all,” Jordan said.

The Biden administration previously joined the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to ask government agencies to deploy volunteers to the border.

A memorandum addressed to heads of executive departments and agencies revealed volunteers might have to stay at the southern border for up to four months.

“HHS is seeking interested candidates to serve up to a 120-day voluntary deployment detail as part of the HHS, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Refugee Resettlement, Unaccompanied Children Program,” OPM Acting Director Kathleen McGettigan said in the memo that has since been removed. “OPM and HHS are calling upon our federal agency family of exceptional public servants to lend support to this humanitarian effort through this detail opportunity.”

Supervising bureaucrats were urged to collect the names of employees who are “interested” so they can be provided an “FS Form 7600 (parts A and B) or similar document, and any other supporting documentation that either agency may require.”

“Once the package is fully executed (signed by both parties), details may commence,” McGettigan said.

Successful volunteers will be deployed to a variety of facilities along the southwest U.S. border area. They will also receive taxpayer-funded transport, accommodation, and meal allowance.

Field program specialists at the HHS will receive an annual salary of between $46,083 and $143,598 a year, according to the full description advertised on the USAJobs website.

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