Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign unveiled its biggest ad purchase of the 2020 cycle before they hold their primaries in key states later this month.

The two ads, worth $12 million, will be featured on digital platforms and television markets across Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi, which hold primaries on March 10, and Florida, Illinois and Ohio, which hold primaries on March 17, The Hill reported, citing Biden officials.

In the first ad, the campaign rebukes Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) after the Vermont senator ramped up attacks at Biden’s past support of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and his record on Social Security, two issues he hopes will help dent Biden’s support among white blue-collar voters. 

The Biden campaign insisted that the former vice president has always defended the program and that negative attacks will only bolster President Donald Trump in November.

“PolitiFact has called the Sanders campaign’s attacks ‘False.’ Joe Biden has always been a strong supporter of Social Security. Biden will increase Social Security benefits and protect it for generations to come,” the narrator says in the ad. “Negative ads will only help Donald Trump. It’s time we bring our party together.” 

In the second ad, the Biden campaign underscores his time as President Barrack Obama’s vice president and features Obama calling him the “finest vice president we have ever seen” during his awarding of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Michigan, Mississippi, and Missouri, three states targeted by Biden on March 10, will allocate a combined 229 pledged delegates, while Florida, Illinois, and Ohio will together apportion a whopping 510 delegates.

Biden will appear in all six states in person during that time to excite voters. 

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