Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Saturday, Aug. 8, accused President Donald Trump of waging a “reckless war on Social Security” after the president signed four executive actions to provide relief to Americans struggling with the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic.

President Trump announced a $400-per-week supplemental unemployment payment for jobless Americans. He offered an extension on student loan relief, and protections from evictions for renters and homeowners. The president also suspended payroll tax through the end of the year for Americans earning less than $100,000 while promising more relief if he is re-elected in November.

Biden criticized the president’s executive actions, calling them a “series of half-baked measures.”

Payroll taxes are used to fund Medicare and Social Security, and Biden said the president’s tax holiday would “undermine the entire financial footing of Social Security.”

“Trump announced a payroll tax plan with no protections or guarantees—like the ones the Obama-Biden administration enforced a decade ago—that the Social Security Trust Fund will be made whole,” Biden said.

“He is laying out his roadmap to cutting Social Security,” adding, “Our seniors and millions of Americans with disabilities are under enough stress without Trump putting their hard-earned Social Security benefits in doubt.”

The former vice president has announced tax proposals that would raise about $4 trillion over 10 years and lead to the most substantial tax increases for high-income people. He also proposed rolling back President Trump’s tax rate cuts for individuals making more than $400,000.

President Trump signed the executive orders after lawmakers and his administration failed to reach an agreement on a bill this week. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) accused Democrats of wanting “a liberal wishlist that talks more about ‘cannabis’ than a ‘job.'”

Democratic congressional leaders issued a joint statement, saying the president’s moves were “unworkable, weak, and narrow.”

“Today’s meager announcements by the president show President Trump still does not comprehend the seriousness or the urgency of the health and economic crises facing working families,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) wrote.

President Trump, during a press conference, predicted that he would face legal challenges from Democrats.

“If we get sued, it’s [from] somebody that doesn’t want people to get money,” the president said, “And that’s not going to be a very popular thing.”