Attorney Lin Wood on Saturday, Dec. 12, suggested that President Donald Trump should declare the martial law if the U.S. Supreme Court continues to reject election lawsuits.

“If the Supreme Court does not act, someone who cares about the rule of law in this country has to act: That would be President Donald Trump,” Wood told Newsmax TV. “If the Supreme Court does not act, I think the president should declare some extent of martial law, and he should hold off a stay the Electoral College.

“Because we cannot have in this country, an election of our leader, where you have massive evidence of fraud and illegality. This country has to have a vote that has integrity. And the electoral college does not need to meet and vote until we have resolved these issues,” he added. 

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a lawsuit filed by Texas that challenged the election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The lawsuit argued that these four states violated the Constitution by changing voting rules and election processes.

President Trump and his allies pinned high expectations on the lawsuit, which he described as “the most important case in history.” However, the court ruled that Texas lacked standing to sue other states. 

Wood noted that the Texas lawsuit was declined not on merit, but standing. On Friday, he announced that his case was “finally docketed” at the Supreme Court. 

“I filed this lawsuit on my own since time was of the essence. GA election was unlawful. It diluted our in-person votes & violated equal protection,” Wood wrote. “I do not know if my case will be successful. But the cherished right to vote belongs to each individual member of We The People.”

Wood has taken aim at Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp (R), accusing them of being corrupted by Chinese Communist Party’s money. 

“I strongly believe my appeal to U.S. Supreme Court has merit & 11/3 GA election was unlawful. My legal rationale tracks subsequently filed Texas petition re: GA,” Wood said in subsequent tweet. “After 43 years of law practice, I know lawyers cannot control judges. We do the best we can & pray they get it right.”

Following the Supreme Court ruling, President Trump’s legal team said they are considering filing separate lawsuits in district court, asking the courts for courage to allow hearings on the lawsuits. 

The Trump team has filed several lawsuits in state and federal courts, some of which are headed to the Supreme Court. 

Attorney Sidney Powell, who works closely with Wood to fight against election fraud on behalf on American people, announced on Friday that she filed an emergency case with the Supreme Court for Georgia and Michigan, and will be filing two lawsuits for Arizona and Wisconsin. 

“These cases raise constitutional issues and prove massive fraud,” Powell said. “Our plaintiffs have standing. We The People will not allow rigged elections.”

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