A Democrat from Arizona was widely praised for resisting party efforts to strengthen its control over the Senate.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is winning vocal support from her constituents, because she strongly opposes the Democratic Party’s proposed filibuster reform.

Fox News revealed left-leaning liberals recently criticized Sinema for refusing to toe the party line, and let the Democrats easily seize control of U.S. Congress’s upper chamber.

However, a growing number of Arizonans still believe the senator is representing them very effectively in Washington.

One man revealed he was pleased to know Sinema is not “going along with her Democratic Party.”

Another local believes the senator is heading in the “right direction.”

A different voter was impressed by Sinema’s conviction to fight “for the people” because that is always the right thing to do.

If the Senate filibuster is eliminated, a simple majority vote would be enough to end legislative debates. The existing 60-vote threshold would no longer apply.

The broadcaster speculated such a reform would help the Biden administration enact the Build Back Better plan and voting reforms.

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