Scherie Murray, a Republican challenger to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), blasted the New York representative following her appearance at a rally with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for her “dangerous” socialist agenda.

As a black Jamaican-born New York City Republican and businesswoman, Murray stated that she would be campaigning against AOC in 2020.

The New York businesswoman criticized Ocasio-Cortez for placing fame before serving her constituents in her debut campaign video, Newsweek reports.

Murray, a resident living in Queens, said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning that she sees “the socialist, far-left narrative that, quite frankly, is dangerous to America and we have to put a stop to it.”

Murray also condemned AOC for endorsing Sanders in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, where Ocasio-Cortez gave Sander her official endorsement during the Long Island City rally at Queensbridge Park on Saturday, where an Amazon headquarters would be standing.

AOC, as a longtime critic of Amazon’s plan to establish a headquarters in Long Island City, where the deal, if established, would have brought 25,000 jobs to the area in exchange for up to $3 billion in tax breaks, according to Newsweek.

Amazon made an announcement earlier this year that it would no longer be building a second headquarters in New York City, a move made after lawmakers, particularly AOC, over proposed tax breaks for the company, Fox News reported.

“They did this with 25,000 people, we heard, but omitted the fact that they killed 25,000 jobs by killing the Amazon deal right there in that part of town,” Murray said on “Fox & Friends.” The 38-year-old businesswoman then called for support and contribution to her campaign to help her combat “what we saw this weekend as AOC trying to deliver Sanders’s socialist agenda to America.”

Murray also noted that Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders are supportive of policies that will “keep government’s hands in the pockets of everyday Americans.”

New York Daily News’s editorial board pointed out in a column that the “would-have-been second headquarters of Amazon, with its 25,000 to 40,000 great-paying jobs and $9 in public benefit for every $1 in taxpayer spending” was “scuttled on Feb. 14 under relentless attacks by AOC and her pals.”

The editorial board then lambasted the Democratic freshman lawmaker for “celebrating at the scene of the crime” with Sanders.

Murray on the other hand, created her own television company known as The Esemel Group, whose aim is to address the media’s lack of diversity, Newsweek reports.

“I do believe I am living the American dream,” Murray said, “That is why I’m running for Congress.”

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