A former Jewish Democratic congressman Dov Hikind, blamed members of his own party for promoting hatred of Jews and strongly criticized New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for blaming President Donald Trump for the anti-Semitic attacks that are multiplying in the city.

Hikind said during an interview with “Fox & Friends First” that he is tired of both Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and de Blasio doing nothing to protect New York’s Jews from what he sees as an epidemic of anti-Semitic hate.

“You don’t expect the mayor of New York, who has not done his job of protecting the Jewish community in New York, and the governor to blame someone else,” Hikind said, comparing Democratic politicians to children in school trying to avoid responsibility for their actions, “I didn’t do it. I did nothing,” he said, adding, “It’s outrageous.” 

These comments came in reaction to the most recent attack on a Jewish family during the celebration of the religious holiday of Hanukkah in their home in New York.

Grafton E. Thomas, 37, broke into Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg’s home in Mosey, an uptown New York City neighborhood, and attacked with a machete the people who were celebrating, injuring five of them.

This new attack adds to the list of anti-Semitic incidents that are multiplying in recent weeks on the streets of the Democratic state: beatings of Jews in the street and a massacre in a grocery store are some of the serious attacks that the Jewish community in New York suffered.

Hikind assures that this situation is new and that this wave of anti-Semitism, which seems to be on the rise right now, has never been seen in NY, “It’s out of control,” Hikind said, adding that this is not merely his assessment, but that these attacks have been recorded by the NYC Police Department and the FBI that have reported nine attacks on Jews in New York from Dec. 23-29.

There have been nine attacks on Jews in New York in the last week of the year alone, between Dec. 23 and 29. (Screenshot via Fox News)

Hikind holds the mayor of New York responsible for doing nothing to stop this escalation of anti-Semitic violence and lamented that de Blasio, instead of taking responsibility for what is happening and seeking solutions, blames Washington and President Trump.

He also referred to the Democratic Party and the indifference with which they treat anti-Semitism, “When you have members of the United States Congress—Tlaib, Omar, AOC—when you have them indulging in hate speech themselves and to get away with it. You know, there’s a new standard, one is for anti-Semitism and one is for other types of hate,” Hikind said.

“Unfortunately, people within my party—I’m a Democrat—within the Democratic Party there’s a double standard. The hate, the anti-Semitism that emanates from within the left, you don’t hear anything. You hear very little.”

Hikind said the Democrats only focus on the narrative of hate that they say “comes from the right,” but added that he is convinced, “All the hate in New York is coming from the left.”

President Trump condemned the attack and the wave of anti-Semitic hatred in New York City on Twitter.

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