Before boarding the plane bound for the southern border in Texas, President Trump gave a brief speech to the journalists present. Among other topics he touched upon, he referred to the possible impeachment being promoted by the Democrats and described it as the “continuation of the greatest witch-hunt in the history of politics.”

The president made the statements as he left the White House before boarding the presidential helicopter. He spoke about the success of his administration, about the incidents on Capitol Hill, warned about the danger that Big Tech poses to Americans’ freedom of expression, and strongly emphasized the “absolutely ridiculous” political persecution he is suffering from progressive sectors of politics.

Video is in English with Spanish subtitles

Addressing the issue of the possibility of impeachment against him by House Democrats, after accusing him of being responsible for the incidents on Capitol Hill, he called it “absolutely ridiculous” and added that he believes he is “causing a great deal of anger” in society.

He also questioned the impeachment initiative, arguing that those who today seek to condemn him as responsible for the incidents at the Capitol seek to make believe that his speech that day encouraged violence, are the same ones that throughout the year openly defended and encouraged the riots in almost all major cities in the country. 

“If you look at what other people have said, politicians at a high level, about the riots during the summer, the horrible riots in Portland and Seattle and various other places. That was the problem.”

On Monday, House Democrats, as their leaders had pre-announced, introduced a quick bill asking Vice President Pence to support moves to remove the president using the 25th Amendment. The bill was rejected and consequently the impeachment initiative began to take center stage.

In short, the Democrats will seek to implement any method they can to try to bring down the president.

The arguments for holding the president accountable for the violence on Capitol Hill are completely unfounded; there is really no evidence or reason why Trump would be interested in creating such a conflict. 

Referring to the Jan. 6 incidents on Capitol Hill, the president was once again clear about which way he wants to go and advised his supporters, “As far as this is concerned, we don’t want violence, never violence, we don’t want any violence at all.”

At the same time that President Trump was making his speech from the White House, the House, led by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic majority, introduced two articles in an attempt to impeach the president.

This time Pelosi chose the charges of “high crimes” and “misdemeanors” and in her weak argument she quoted a part of President Trump’s speech on Capitol Hill on Wednesday where she said, “We won this election, and we won it by a landslide,” which allegedly “incited” a group of people to violently break into Congress.

Before boarding the plane, a reporter asked him what his role was in the Capitol incidents to which Trump responded, “If you read my speech, a lot of people have, and I’ve seen it in the newspapers, in the media, on television, and it’s been analyzed. But people thought what I said was totally appropriate.”

“But they vandalized my speech, my words, and my last paragraph, and my last sentence, and everyone pulled out their teeth even though it was totally appropriate,” President Trump lamented.

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