The Democrat-led impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump has never been more dramatic as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) was recently called out for “snooping” around on press members.

Wall Street Journal contributor Kimberley Strassel asked her “fellow members of the media” to speak up from their “deafening” silence.

Democrats would “have more credibility if they didn’t abuse their surveillance powers for drive-by smears of Republicans and a free press,” Strassel wrote on Dec. 4 in an op-ed for the Journal, before tweeting on the next day, “Democrats lecture about dirt-digging, even as they abuse their surveillance powers to demand phone records to smear political rivals.”

“I’m outraged. Had Trump or [Republicans] done that to [Democratic] reporters at NYT, CNN, MSNBC etc., it would draw international criticism and outrage every day until that person resigned,” Emmy award-winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson voiced the same sentiment.

Many more Twitter users were in agreement with Attkisson’s comments condemning Schiff and were inspired to show support for her and Strassel on the social media platform.

“The silence is deafening. This is just one instance we heard of. Rosen and Attkisson others. It’s not a stretch to see intelligence weaponized against a free press. We’re living it. It’s disgusting and should give all of them pause,” a Twitter user named racer_x (@racingpartsale) wrote.

“Well, Obama did it and never saw any push back, except from you, so I am really not surprised by anything anymore,” a tweet under the name dm87 (@tiqigal) said. “[The Democrats] are now a law unto themselves and w/o any media accountability, I don’t see that changing.”

Another Twitter user responded to Attkisson’s comment and noted the hypocrisy behind shady Democratic efforts to undermine a free press.

“Funny that Democrats, who always state how supportive they are of the Fourth Estate, are the ones who violate the fundamentals of freedom of the press,” a tweet by #GodBlessTexas (@ConservTXmom) said. “Just look at Obama administration and James Rosen email snooping and now @RepAdamSchiff‘s violations against John Solomon.”

On the other hand, House Minority Steve Scalise (R-La.) has some serious questions in store for Schiff regarding his clandestine operations in the name of an impeachment inquiry.

“I want to know all the people Adam Schiff is spying on. Are there other members of Congress that he is spying on? And what justification does he have?” The Louisiana Republican told reporters on Wednesday. “And what’s going on? I mean, he does all these meetings in secret. They literally last night had votes on impeaching the president of the United States behind closed doors in secret.”

“This is a textbook abuse of power,” an unnamed House Republican familiar with the impeachment proceedings told the Washington Examiner. “Schiff clearly went through these phone records for the purely political purpose of reverse engineering them to find his political opponents and then gratuitously publish their names. Doing this to a journalist—John Solomon —is particularly abusive.”

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