While the Trump administration continued to dispute the results of the presidential elections on Monday, Nov. 9, the picture continues to change from one moment to the next; this time an investigative journalist shared on his Twitter account that a county in Georgia detected 132,000 invalid ballots that could be disqualified.

The user, People’s Pundit, who describes himself as a data journalist and director of the Big Data Poll posted the news on the social network, heavily criticized for its censorship of President Trump in the days since the election, and Twitter also marked his post with a message, “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”

To which People’s Pundit redoubled with more evidence.

The first image referred to shows the figure of 710,454 indicating the votes that correspond to people who still reside in Fulton County, while the second image with a figure of 842,486 does not include the filter of residence in the county mentioned.

The difference of 132,032 ballots would be the number of those that could be invalidated because they correspond to people who voted without being residents of the county, which is illegal.

According to The Gateaway Pundit, the difference between Biden and President Trump in Georgia is only 10,000 and there are still those ballots illegally harvested after the polls closed, so one would expect that Trump would go on to win the state of Georgia, which would award him 16 electoral College votes.

The People’s Pundit closed its Tweet thread with another explosive statement. In Michigan, another state where President Trump is disputing the election results, he found 10,000 ballots from dead people.

While the legacy media such as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and other leftists continue to boast that there is no evidence of fraud, in fact, the reality is just the opposite and every day there is more evidence not only of fraud but of serial irregularities that could give President Donald Trump a victory.


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