As soon as COVID-19 appeared in Wuhan, China, there was a high possibility that the virus had originated in one of two high-security laboratories studying bat viruses in that city: the National Biosafety Laboratory and the Institute of Virology of Wuhan.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology was of particular concern.

Cables from the U.S. State Department in 2018 had already warned of extreme oversight in the laboratory.

In early 2020, an article by Chinese researchers at the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou said that the virus “had likely originated in a laboratory in Wuhan” after a researcher was infected by a bat that urinated on or bit the researcher.

However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—to shed responsibility for its probable ineptitude—lied about the origins of the coronavirus.

The CCP blamed a seafood market, then a pangolin, and then the U.S. military.

But what is striking is that the U.S. media immediately jumped on the animal wet market claim, even though, for example, the Lancet medical journal rejected this explanation from the outset.

Immediately, the U.S. corporate media began, without evidence, to echo the CCP’s propaganda, saying that the hypothesis that the virus that had leaked from the Wuhan laboratory was a “conspiracy theory.”

As we will see below, the media had two reasons to “buy” and spread the version of the CCP, despite the evidence showing otherwise.

In reviewing the mainstream media headlines in the first months of the pandemic, there is no doubt that there was an implicit—or explicit—agreement between them to discredit the laboratory theory.

A Washington Post headline read: “Experts debunk fringe theory linking China’s coronavirus to weapons research.”

The progressive and liberal magazine Slate replied: “Rumors of a lab escape or a bioweapon stem from historical amnesia, a caricatured villain, and good old-fashioned racism.”

Other media including Reuters directly repeated the Chinese propaganda.

NPR went one step further and linked the theory of laboratory leaks to the Q Anon movement.

Vox, for their part, called the laboratory leak a “dangerous conspiracy theory.”

The progressive social network “NowThis” was not far behind, saying it was a “Republican conspiracy theory.”

The Associated Press described the lab leak as a “hoax.”

Business Insider even published a story about how crazy conservatives were to believe in the possibility of a lab leak.

Then you could not miss CNN.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said. “the extreme right has now found its own theory of the virus conspiracy.”

And the list goes on.

Of course, Big Tech also followed the trend by censoring any user who posted that the virus could have come out of the lab.

However, everything seems to have changed in recent days, and the theory of the lab leak has gone from conspiracy theory to a probable explanation.

This is one month before the alleged 1st case reported by the Chinese regime.

At least three laboratory researchers are known to have presented at the Wuhan hospital in Nov. 2019 with symptoms of Covid

And there is much more information circulating about it.

The critical question here is: What explains the repetition of CCP propaganda by the corporate media, without any evidence, during virtually the entire pandemic?

Very simple: the pandemic broke out in the middle of the electoral campaign in the United States, and as Donald Trump was practically the only world leader who said openly that there was evidence that the virus had come out of the Wuhan laboratory, and even spoke of punishing those responsible, the mass media—which, as it is known, has a clearly anti-trump stance—began to ridicule what he said.

Why? Because it was Donald Trump. And they had a mission to cover 100% anti-Trump. So they couldn’t give him a shred of reason or credibility.

Maybe you are thinking that this is an exaggeration … But believe us that it is not.

Progressive New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman made it clear: Because Trump was telling the truth on the issue, the media felt they had to take the opposite stance.

Evidence of the origin of the pandemic was not important to the media. The fundamental thing, for them, was to propagandize against the leader of the MAGA movement.

And this has also just been confirmed by a Washington Post reporter.

In an article published on May 26, Aaron Blake acknowledged that the media were motivated to reject the lab theory simply because President Trump talked about it. Hence, journalists were more interested in discrediting Trump than considering his concerns about the virus’s origins.

Yes, this is crazy.

However, there seems to be something else going on.

By discarding the laboratory theory outright, the corporatist media could criticize President Trump on various aspects related to the pandemic, but without hitting the CCP.

And why wouldn’t the mainstream media want to hit China?

It is certainly not the first time that the U.S. corporate media has repeated Chinese propaganda or purposely failed to report news damaging Beijing.

Check out this CNN headline straight from a CCP spokesperson, “China’s PLA Navy is controlling coronavirus and aircraft carrier’s deployment proves it, reports says”

Faced with such imprudence and after the outrage manifested on social networks, CNN changed the headline.

And so there are many cases. For example, in 2013, Bloomberg killed journalists report on the disproportionate and ill-gotten wealth of officials of the CCP.

Bloomberg fired the journalist and even tried to silence his wife.

Already in a pandemic and throughout 2020, the corporatist media took China’s meager infection numbers at face value and used them to attack the Donald Trump administration’s response.

And these are just a few examples.

But why is the American media so concerned not to publish anything that tarnishes the image of the CCP?

The most likely reason is simple, infuriating, and terrifying.

Pay attention and draw your conclusions:

Vox is owned by NBC, which in turn belongs to MSNBC.

MSNBC, in turn, is owned by Comcast.

Comcast and NBC have extensive business ties with China.

What about the news agencies? The same. To cite one of the best known, Reuters has offices and clients in China.

ABC is owned by Walt Disney, which has extensive ties to China.

Let’s move on… NowThis magazine is owned by Discovery, which does business in China.

The Washington Post is owned by Amazon, which through Amazon Web Services has close ties with China.

And what about CNN? The chain is owned by AT&T, which … Yes, you guessed it: it has trade ties with China.

Yes, that’s right … And the list goes on … And it’s long …

Seeing all this, it is not surprising that the U.S. media ignored the version of the Wuhan laboratory escape and even ridiculed its president for supporting this hypothesis.

Obviously, for these media, the search for the truth is no longer their purpose, but to make money, even if it means doing business with the real person responsible for the pandemic that is hitting the West.

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