On Sept. 29, 2019, in a conversation with Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) at a recent Federation of Americans For Immigration Reform (FAIR) event called Holding Their Feet To The Fire in Washington D.C., WVNN radio host Jeff Poor asked, “So we have this Ukraine thing going on here, and you seem, based on this social media post, not very impressed with it, I would say?” Brooks responds, “Well there are two parts to it. One is the transcript of the conversation between the Ukraine president and Donald Trump and there is zero evidence of an impeachable offense in that transcript. And then you’ve got the whistleblower’s report, which is 100% gossip, rumor, and hearsay. Now keep in mind, I have legal training. That means to some degree, an idea what evidence is probative or what has weight and what does not. And there is zero in the whistleblower’s complaint of any probative value. None of that would be allowed in a court of law because it’s all rumor mill, hearsay, and all that kind of stuff.

And then he said, “Personally right now, I’m pushing for that whistleblower to be disclosed. Revealed. Under the Sixth Amendment, a person accused of a crime has the absolute right to confront his accusers. And that includes for little bitty offenses like shoplifting or various traffic offenses and if the accuser has to be publicly revealed under those circumstances, by golly, shouldn’t it apply to when an accuser, anonymously, is claiming that the President of the United States has committed the kinds of offenses that embody impeachment? And so I want this accuser revealed. These people who hide behind curtains and make serious accusations, I’m sorry but that’s not the way a judicial proceeding is supposed to operate nor should it be the way that an impeachment proceeding should operate.” Poor said, “Well we have just a minute here before we go to break real quick here along in the last segment but I feel this is more of a media creation right now at this stage. I don’t really know what the big wrong doing is.” Rep Brooks responded, “Well there is no criminal offense in the documents that we have seen so far. I am proud that the president of the United States encouraged the Ukrainian president to ferret out allegations of corruption. Keep in mind that this is the genesis of all this.”

Special thanks to Rep. Mo Brooks for clarifying the current attack on President Trump by the House Democrats as 100% rumor, gossip, and hearsay with no proof of any offense, especially any impeachable offense. So why are the Democrats so desperately determined, even if it requires some of them to neglect basic principles of decency and their duty to the American people, to impeach our incredibly hardworking, successful, and decent President, Donald Trump? What on earth is really going on here? I’m Matt Tullar and here’s my opinion.


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I think it’s about maintaining a good thing financially, job security, keeping the truth from the American public, and definitely preventing the president from draining the swamp. For many years now, Donald Trump and a growing number of other Americans have been well aware that the United States, which really means the average Joe and Jane U.S. tax paying citizen has been fooled, shortchanged, and defrauded more and more. As we have allowed our progressive society to erode our traditional moral guidance, our government decision makers have, in turn, more and more, failed to uphold and protect our American way, ripped us off, and of course, become progressively worse at managing our financial affairs at home and abroad. In 1987, Oprah Winfrey asked Donald Trump about running for president and even back then he was already saying out loud that the financial dealings of the United States were not right and that if he was president it wouldn’t be that way.

Donald Trump said, “If I did decide to do it, I think I’d be inclined and say that I would have a hell of a chance of winning because I think people, I don’t know how your audience feels, but I think people are tired of seeing the United States ripped off. And I can’t promise you everything, but I can tell you one thing. This country would make one hell of a lot of money from those people that for 25 years have taken advantage. It wouldn’t be the way it’s been. Believe me.”

If you subtract 25 years from this 1987 Oprah interview, you go back to a time just before Democratic Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson or LBJ assumed the presidency after the Kennedy assassination in 1963. During the next two years, LBJ along with the most liberal Democratic House of Representatives since 1938, launched an insane set of domestic programs designed to eliminate, of all the most ridiculous things, all poverty and racial injustice called The Great Society. Those people formed a great society, alright, of Democratic socialist bureaucrats and elected officials who via a massive tax burden on hardworking Americans would in many ways suck the vitality and individual responsibility out of America. The traditional voices of opposition were ignored or subsumed by the popular idea of bringing home some of the bacon to their district or precinct.

Rivaling big government’s intrusive scope and massive tax payer expense of the New Deal agenda of Franklin D. Roosevelt that caused and prolonged the Great Depression, these in your face central government programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, The Food Stamp Act, The Corporation For Public Broadcasting, The National Endowment for the Humanities and for the Arts, and so many more social welfare programs would degrade American freedom and values forever. And it created a vast difficult to hold accountable swamp like environment where socialist Democrats made real good money with government programs for decades. In many ways, our hero of free market capitalism and American ingenuity was crippled by the intrusive hand of the central government. And we have been struggling with the consequences of this evil specter of essentially communism ever since.

Of course, the hope was that these government folks would always act altruistically in the best interest of all Americans but under this gigantic umbrella of socialism or progress, there’s been more and more interpretive wiggle room on who determines what that best interest is and who really benefits. Largely missing from this massive big government style are any officials who successfully champion the good old days of the rugged individual too proud to take a handout or anyone advocating government downsizing of any kind. Its political suicide to ever suggest for example that we completely eliminate all public money from the American education industry or completely eliminate the Bureau of Indian Affairs and let the free market solve any related problems, likely over the weekend that followed. Entrenched swamp dwellers only allow for government growth regardless of any program failure.

In 1989, Donald Trump, the political outsider businessman was still only politely hinting about our swamp dwellers and their poor performance as America’s financial managers. He said, “I know from a common-sense financial stand point that something has to burst. When a country is losing billions and billions and billions of dollars a year and when other countries are making hundreds of billions of dollars. Something is going to burst. And it’s going to start here. I know it. It’s a question of when.”

The evil lies of Great Society socialism promising a better world for the downtrodden and disadvantaged certainly appealed to some of our most generous, charitable, and kindhearted Judeo-Christian public but that didn’t make them true, good, or worthwhile. After all, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and we should more routinely ask why we maintain social programs that do not work? How about tens of thousands of high school diplomas issued to graduates that can only read and do math at an eighth-grade level. That’s sounds like government sanctioned fraud to me.

Or welfare programs that enabled millions of women to reject their men, have children out of wedlock, marry the State, and willingly destroy millions of potentially healthy families. Massive numbers of disenfranchised young fathers lost in a world of confusion, drugs ,and crime where publicly funded university programs pay leftist professors and students to continually study the curriculum of forgone conclusions and nonsense that enables protesting crowds to proclaim the lies and blather like widespread systemic racism, remnants of slavery, and police brutality. But Donald Trump is different. He’s a good man and a man of action. While he acknowledged the mismanagement of billions of taxpayer money like many of us, he not only noticed a failure of our country to fulfill our responsibility to our combat vets but he also did something about it.

In 2004, Donald Trump told CNN “Nobody talks about the soldiers that are coming back with no arms and legs. And I saw at Mar a Lago on Mondays. I make Mar a Lago, my club that you know about in Palm Beach, I make that twice now, on a Monday. I let returning Iraqi injured soldiers come to the premises. The most beautiful people I’ve ever seen but they’re missing arms and legs. They’re with their wives, sometimes they’re with their girlfriends and the tears are coming down the faces of these people.”

Many of us have forgotten or were never schooled in the first place that freedom is not free. While we have become ever more lazy in our civic responsibility to stay informed, hold our government accountable, or to even have an opinion we dare to express, the bureaucrats and politicians are at least determine to keep their jobs by promoting their good, bad, or indifferent programs no matter what, in order to care for their families and pay for their lifestyle. Of course they are and who can really blame them. In this way, a few but growing number of people with selfish but seemingly reasonable intentions are grinding down America. Throw in a handful of radicals in positions of power and welcome to modern USA.

And that’s mostly what’s been going on relevant to today’s Democrats and their presidential witch hunt. Entrenched politicians and bureaucrats protecting their kingdoms, their programs, their jobs and their flow of tax payer money. By 2014, Donald Trump was telling America to wake up at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Massive debt, large budget deficits and China just taking us to the cleaners because our guys in charge were too weak or too busy stuffing their own pockets to stand up for what was right. And you can bet there were at least a few swamp dwellers glad this Trump guy was not running for President because a guy like that might really blow their cover in their rip off of America.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference 2014, Donald Trump said, “But I have to tell you that our country is in serious, serious trouble. We owe $17 trillion, our debt. How do you pay off 17 trillion. Nobody ever heard the expression a number of years ago, the word trillion. We have debt that’s beyond belief. We have deficits that nobody can even comprehend. China, which I’ve been talking about for the last five years, yesterday, right in our face. They just devalued their currency. Now for those that don’t understand devaluation. What they are basically doing is saying ‘We’re really ripping you big league. Nobody’s ever done it better than us but now we’re gonna really do it again.’ And the reason they did it and everybody was surprised by it, was because our leadership is so weak. And so pathetic that they can get away with it.”

Socialism, in all its devious forms, is devastating our time-tested traditional American Way on many fronts simultaneously. The United States used to be dominated by the morally righteous traditional family. People of good character trying to raise their children to be truthful, humble, compassionate, and keeping their noses to the grindstone. To revere free market capitalism and honest achievement and to keep bad elements in check with common sense. But we have finally let our guard down long enough to allow the leftist socialist Democrats to progressively deliver enough big lies to more and more people via our publicly funded schools, our popular entertainment, our compromised media, and the corruption of our Constitution and politics.

Fortunately for us, the gross mismanagement of the American financial situation finally inspired Donald Trump to run for President. In 2015 while announcing his bid for the highest office I the land, he said, “Last quarter, it was just announced, our gross domestic product, a sign of strength, right, but not for us? It was below zero. Who ever heard of this? It’s never below zero. Our labor participation rate was the worst since 1978. But think of it, GDP below zero, horrible labor participation rate and our real unemployment is anywhere from 18 to 20 percent. Don’t believe the 5.6. Don’t believe it. That’s right. A lot of people up there can’t get jobs. They can’t get jobs cuz there are no jobs. Because China has our jobs and Mexico has our jobs. They all have our jobs. But the real number, the real number is anywhere from 18 to 19 and maybe 21 percent. And nobody talks about it.”

And candidate Trump said, “And remember the $5 billion website. Five billion, we spent on a website and to this day it doesn’t work. A $5 billion website. I have so many websites. I have them all over the place. I hire people. They do a website. It costs me $3. Five billion dollar website. I have so many websites. I have them all over the place. I hire people. They do a website it costs me $3. Five billion dollar website. Well you need somebody because politicians are all talk and no action. Nothing gonna get done. They will not bring us, believe me, to the Promised Land. They will not.”

But now, all of a sudden, tens of thousands of people connected to this apple cart of taxpayer funded socialism were real nervous because here comes the accomplished political outsider Donald Trump who really could rain on their parade. Since this champion of free market capitalism and personal responsibility could really make America great again, they pulled out all the stops. Everywhere that public money went, that’s where Trump found opposition. The Hollywood haters, the leftist universities, and their hate mongering activists, the legacy liberal media mouthpieces, the desperate Democrats, the nervous Republicans and even the American intelligence community. By the time the people have spoken and elected President Trump, some of the country has been driven completely mad.

In a conversation with Judge Jeanine Pirro, FoxNews asked, “What do you make of this? There were protests last night in Portland where 4,000 people took part. Some were anarchists. They broke a lot of windows. They set things on fire. There were a lot of arrests and then on college campuses, you’ve got students who need hot cocoa and safe spaces. They need therapy dogs to hug because of the election. I’m not making it up. This is all going on.” Judge Pirro replied, “I just think they ought to get over it. The idea of safe spaces and therapy dogs and crayons and delaying exams. Just get a life. Get a job. Get over it. He’s the president. We voted for him. This is a democracy. You’re anarchists. You know it’s over. Enough. They need to be arrested. They damage property. They destroy businesses. They interfere with traffic. They have to be prosecuted. That’s it. It’s over. It’s done. We voted and the lynching Donald Trump in effigy, if we did that to Barack Obama, we would be racists. It would be horrible.”

And so even after President Trump has been steadily delivering on his promises and already built the strongest America ever by far, it’s not good enough and he’s still subjected to constant disrespect and attack. Well here is an example of why they hate and fear President Trump and how these American scalawags will be exposed especially after the Democrats lose the House in 2020. Former Vice President Joe Biden leverages his powerful position, in the most disgusting act of selfish greed, and bullies the previous Ukrainian government into firing a Ukrainian prosecutor on the verge of exposing the multimillion dollar fraudulent activity of his son Hunter Biden.

Poor said, “Still with us right now, for at least the next segment is Congressmen Mo Brooks. Congressman, before we went on break we were talking about looking into what’s going on with Hunter Biden.” Brooks said ,“Sure, what precipitated all this? And what precipitated, and I encourage everybody to get on the Internet and look at the video of Joe Biden, where the Vice President of the United States, who was still in the White House at the time, is bragging that he used a billion dollars of taxpayer’s money to coerce the Ukrainian government into stopping their investigation of Joe Biden’s son for corruption even to the point of Joe Biden demanding the firing of the prosecutor who had the audacity to consider an investigation of the son of the vice president of the United States. Now that’s a scandal that goes all the way to the White House. And so fast forward to the current date. You have a conversation between President Trump and the president of Ukraine. And President Trump makes it quite clear that the United States of America is not going to interfere in your investigations as was done when the Vice President Joe Biden did it. And if they want to continue with that investigation into the possible corruption of the Biden family, a corruption allegation that potentially reaches all the way to the Obama White House, well then by golly, go for it. And I want you to know, I’m proud as can be of our president that he’s trying to ferret out allegations of corruptions and determine what is real and what is not. And he’s letting the Ukrainians determine that via their own investigation.”

So the Democrats and all their socialist allies are desperate to distract the American public. In a last ditch effort to protect their nationwide system of corruption and failed programs, they hurl unsubstantiated accusations, spiteful hubris and unjustified impeachment attacks at President Trump in the remote chance they can take him out of office before the American people deliver him a sweeping election upset in 2020 and the consensus to drain the swamp and fill the prisons. Only the craziest politicians and political strategies are even considered.

Poor said, “Does it seem to you, obviously Democrats want to go after Donald Trump, I mean that’s a given.”

Rep. Brooks said “They’re making up stuff.”

Mr. Poor said, “But going after Biden, are they trying to clear a path for someone else to get that presidential nomination?”

Rep. Brooks responded, “Well Elizabeth Warren, in my judgement, is just about guaranteed to be the Democratic nominee for president, ok. And there’s probably a number of people who support Elizabeth Warren that in part were either behind the disclosure of all this information or are currently promoting it today in order to enhance Elizabeth Warren’s stature vis-a-vis Joe Biden. But let’s look at who Joe Biden is, ok. He is a white male who is a liberal. And in today’s Democratic Party, that doesn’t cut it. On a sexist level, the Democratic Party basically says we want women not men and Joe Biden is a man. So that doesn’t fit that identity politics item that the Democratic Party fosters on the American people. Additionally, Joe Biden is a mere liberal and the Democrats of today insist on pure socialist. And to Elizabeth Warren’s credit, the third principle argument that they use is based on race. They are opposed, generally, to the election or nomination of Caucasians and to Elizabeth Warren’s credit, you know, she’s claimed that she in a Native American. Maybe she’s trying to cover that base. Those are their three themes and those are the three themes that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez used to beat a 20-year white, male, liberal incumbent congressman in New York.”


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