Taiwan Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng just said on Wednesday, April 20, that China will change its strategy when it comes to the invasion of Taiwan, after it has observed the challenges that Moscow is facing in the Russia – Ukraine war.

He said that the war had changed the mindset of all nations which will definitely make China change its invasion playbook. He also announces that Taiwan will closely monitor and evaluate China’s every move in this regard.

According to Newsweek, many military strategists have reached a consensus that initially, China planned for a swift and decisive victory if it decided to invade Taiwan. However, Russia’s lack of progress in Ukraine and the country’s strong resistance have given China a second thought on this.

Nikkei Asia cited a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party, saying that Russia’s current military struggle is sending a big shock wave across the party.

The report also showed a view from professor Yasuhiro Matsuda, an expert on Chinese security from University of Tokyo. Professor Matsuda said that as the new situation springs up, China is exploring plan B.

The alternative plan would include building a supersized nuclear arsenal to curb U.S. military involvement if the invasion breaks out.

Moreover, China might consider annexing many of Taiwan’s outlying posts which are much closer to China than its main island. This is called a limited invasion.

Regardless of any cases, whether China attacks outlying islands or the main island of Taiwan, Defense Minister Chiu affirmed that its armed force would focus on its main mission, which is to train for war.

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