Currently, the United States and China are conducting an all-round game. In addition to actual military exercises, electronic warfare is also going on. However, according to an expert’s understanding, this “battle in another dimension” has decided the winner and the CCP has been completely defeated, and the military lamented that it could not win.

As reported by China News, one of the focuses of this U.S.-China game is that when U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flew from Malaysia to Taiwan on a special plane, the Chinese military dispatched J-16D electronic fighter jets and Type 055 guided missile destroyers to track and locate Pelosi’s plane.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) previously quoted Meng Xiangqing, a major general at the National Defense University of the Chinese Communist Party, as saying that the purpose of the Chinese military is “deterrence.” However, the USS Reagan aircraft carrier strike group that was escorting Pelosi, used electronic warfare to interfere, causing the Chinese military’s tracking operation to fail.

The source of SCMP said: “Almost all the PLA electronic warfare equipment couldn’t work properly because they were all jammed by electronic interference by the American aircraft strike group sent by the Pentagon to escort her.” 

At that time, Pelosi’s plane took an unusually circuitous route first heading southeast toward the Indonesian part of Borneo, then it turned north to fly along the eastern part of the Philippines, and finally landed smoothly at Songshan Airport, Taipei. 

SCMP quoted He Yuan Ming, an independent airpower analyst, as saying it was not surprising that the Chinese vessels did not detect the flight.

He Yuan Ming said that even if the radar of the Type 055 destroyer could potentially reach 500 km (310 miles) in reality its range would be much less. And since the destroyer is relatively new and the tracking area was vast it should come as no surprise that the PLA could not track her plane.

Current affairs commentator and China analyst Wen Zhao said that this incident is extremely important, because this is the first time that Chinese Communist Party and the United States have faced off on the electronic battlefield. The CCP’s J-16D electronic fighter and 055 missile destroyer both claim to have powerful electronic countermeasures. As a result, the confrontation with the U.S. military was exposed.

Wen said that there are three principles of modern naval warfare: “discover first, attack first, and destroy first”, which are characterized by short and intense battles, and life and death can be determined in an instant. He said, “As a result, the CCP military lost in the first battle of electronic warfare. If they couldn’t find the enemy, how could they attack and destroy them? Basically, they will lose in actual combat.”

Wen believes that exposing this incident shows that there are people in the upper echelons of the CCP military who do not want to fight. They know that they cannot defeat the Americans and lament that they cannot win.

According to Wen, this time, the actual battle between The CCP and the United States has already passed, but it was fought in “another dimension.” He added, “The battle took place in electromagnetic space and cyberspace, and the result is the CCP’s complete defeat.”

Sound of Hope quoted commentator Tang Hao as saying that CCP’s hype and threats against Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan this time resulted in “big thunder and little rain,” disappointing the CCP. In order to regain face, the CCP launched a series of retaliatory measures against Taiwan.

He believes that the CCP has always claimed to be “peace-loving,” but Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is like a mirror, exposing the CCP’s vicious face.

A few days ago, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage told RFA that ten years ago, the U.S. thought Xi Jinping was a “moderate,” but they were wrong. He said, that because Xi “has made himself the ‘core’ who is in charge of everything, and he has done so centralizing power but if anything goes wrong, Xi has only himself to blame.”

Commentator Wang He said that after Xi came to power, there were relatively tough measures to fight domestic corruption, but the United States did not respond strongly, and waited calmly for Xi to take real power and be able to join the West. But they found that China’s political situation is constantly turning to the left. The US-China confrontation has risen sharply, making the current Biden administration have no room to back down. As a result, the U.S. government has reversed its view of Xi.

Tang Hao said that the CCP’s “threat theory” was clear this time: “The global encirclement model against the CCP has been gradually established and will continue to expand in the future.”

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