Not so long ago, we started to hear the word “canceled.” What is striking (or maybe not so much) is that the “canceled” are primarily people, characters, movies, novels, etc. that represent the supposed “white supremacy” or anything that has to do with traditional themes and values that progressive groups now pigeonhole into sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.

They, in turn, justify the “cancellation” by saying that it hurts a specific minority group or that it does not include minorities or more of these absurd excuses.

It is clear that they created the so-called “cancellation culture” and are progressive groups that seek to destroy traditional culture and impose their “truth,” following a globalist agenda.

Although it is a subject that covers many aspects, in this article, we will only touch on the examples of the “cancellation culture.”

The New York Times committed to canceling Pepé Le Pew

The case of the New York Times and Pepé Le Pew is quite striking, as it labels the famous cartoon character as “normalizing rape culture” while at the same time declaring that pedophilia “is not a crime.”

For, Charles Blow, NYT columnist, the funny skunk, who chases his beloved skunk, encourages rape, according to News Punch.

Blow went further and aimed at the speedy Mexican mouse “Speedy Gonzales,” saying he helped stereotype Mexicans as drunks and lethargic.


Another victim of the cancellation culture is Snow White. Yes, believe it or not, progressives do not agree with the kiss scene that the prince gives her to wake her up. 

They claim that by not having the princess’ consent, the prince is committing “sexual assault.”

It seems unbelievable, but it is true, they ask to change the ending of the story so that it does not present this “problematic.” 

Can you imagine the story of Snow White without that ending?

Shakespeare is “white supremacist and colonialist.”

A characteristic trait of progressives is that they want to erase or rewrite human history.

We all know the importance of William Shakespeare to culture and that he also inspired many later works by other authors. Shakespeare is a classic of world literature who has not only given us magnificent stories but also, along with them, has emphasized for us values and traditions that have been passed down for generations to this day.

But progressives don’t like Shakespeare (although they probably haven’t even read him). The chair of the National Council of Teachers of English Anti-Racist Committee and co-founder of the #DisruptTexts campaign, Lorena German, asserts that “We can’t teach Shakespeare responsibly and not disrupt ways of grading and developing people,” emphasizing that as a man of the time in which he lived, his plays pose a problem.

Earlier, a portrait of Shakespeare was withdrawn from the University of Pennsylvania’s English Department as a “token” of racial diversity and greater sensitivity.

Also, in School Library Journal, Minnesota librarian Amanda McGregor wrote, “Shakespeare’s work is full of problematic and outdated ideas, lots of misogyny, racism, homophobia, class discrimination, anti-Semitism, mistreatment.”

Minnesota theater cancels Cinderella because the cast is ‘too white.’

Last March 22, the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre canceled performances of Cinderella because the cast was “too white.”

The theater justified its decision by saying that it was based on its anti-racist policy and that the show was not aligned with its diversity goals.

The attitude of this theater shows the irrationality with which they make these decisions.

For the theater, the cast was not diverse. The creative team of Michael Brindisi, Tamara Kangas-Erickson, and Andy Kust did not consider when canceling Cinderella is that it is a European folk story, meaning that it does not sound unreasonable that there are no Asian, Native American, or Black people in the cast.

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