A Republican from Nevada revealed the president will stay in office for a second term despite several failed attempts to overturn the election result.

GOP Nye County Chairman Chris Zimmerman believes President Donald Trump will keep fighting to stop the Democratic Party from seizing control of the White House until at least Inauguration Day on Jan. 20.

“Expect Trump to be inaugurated on Jan 20th!” he said in a statement. “Let me be clear: Trump will be president for another four years, Biden will not be president. Yes, I know those are shocking words in these crazy days.”

Zimmerman claimed the president has not yet conceded and deliberately avoided naming Democratic rival Joe Biden in his recent speeches on the November election.

“I have been approached by many saying, ‘It is over’ and ‘Trump conceded the election’ [but] nothing of the sort has taken place,” he said. “At no point does Trump even mention Biden’s name, at no point does he say he concedes.”

Zimmerman believes the president’s promise to allow a “peaceful transition to a new administration” refers to an upheaval of all “Republicans in Name Only” (RINOs) who betrayed the incumbent and appointment of a fresh Trump administration.

“He does say that there will be a peaceful transition to a new administration and he does say that this is only the beginning,” he said. “Those phrases are important to note. Indeed, we will have a new administration made up of a new vice president and Cabinet as the current ones have all made their treason complete.”

He predicts “bombshell evidence” released in the coming weeks will result in the detention and removal of several high-ranking officials, including Vice President Mike Pence who quickly certified the election result on Jan. 6.

“Expect high profile arrests to take place over the next 12 days and at any time, you may wake one morning to find someone in high office is no longer there,” he said. “With the betrayal by Pence and Congress, the treason is now complete … the false event in the Capitol revealed the final traitors for who they were regardless of party affiliation—Trump flushed them out of hiding.”

Twitter’s recent decision to block accounts belonging to President Trump and the Trump 2020 campaign team is expected to be repeated across other social media and email services.

“Expect some sort of internet blackout or outage: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Gmail are likely going to be affected,” Zimmerman said. “If you do not have alternate forms of communication established now it would be a good idea to start forming them, even if it is just checking on your next door neighbors.”

President Trump is also predicted to bring the national warning system back online.

“Expect the emergency broadcast system to be activated,” Zimmerman said. “Turn off the television as they have demonstrated they are clearly only falsifying the media to maintain control over your thinking. Do not despair but pray for our country, for Trump and his supporters, and for a national repentance to be stirred nationwide.”

Zimmerman believes the entire election challenge was a cleverly orchestrated attempt to root out all RINOs.

“Trump has been adamant in following the rule of law and the Constitution [and] he gives everyone, no matter how dirty, an opportunity to do the right thing,” he said. “Trump has not and will not give up, he actually takes his oath of office to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic very seriously. This is why they are so panicked in D.C.: they know that Trump will fight while Congress just rolls over … the next 12 days will be something to tell the grandchildren, it is 1776 all over again!”

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