For the past two decades the Chinese communist regime has been causing major harm to the United States and indeed the world through multiple unlawful, aggressive actions.

With the United States in particular the trade deficit has been massively imbalanced, hitting a $420 billion trade deficit in 2018.

Harmful actions being taken by China against the United States include the Chinese regime heavily subsidizing specific industries and giving them an unfair advantage over U.S. companies; forcing foreign investors and companies to give over their technology to Chinese companies or state entities in order to be allowed to do business in China; stealing expensive intellectual property from U.S. companies and the U.S. government, some of which took decades and billions of dollars to develop; state run hacking and cyberattacks at a level far beyond any other country in the world; stealing highly classified military and weapons development and technology; exporting inferior and toxic products to the United States, currency manipulation, and more.

President Donald J. Trump is joined by United States Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, Cabinet members and White House senior advisers, as he meets with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, on April 4, 2019, in the Oval Office of the White House, following continued U.S.–China trade talks. (Shealah Craighead/Official White House Photo)

President Trump is the first world leader to actively stand up against the Chinese communist regime and has called its actions “the greatest theft in the history of the world.” The president has taken a firm, multileveled approach to dealing with the Chinese regime.

On May 5, President Trump said that the Chinese regime was trying to renege on previous verbal agreements regarding current trade discussions and he halted negotiations, which are being conducted on the U.S. side by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

A number of factors indicate that now is one of the best and perhaps only opportunities to take a stand against the Chinese regime in order to end the devastating harm they have been causing to the United States.


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Standing up against China

The United States is once again a global and economic powerhouse. The strength of the U.S. economy and President Trump’s initiative to rebuild and redevelop the U.S. military, the strategic strengthening of international alliances particularly in the Asia Pacific region as well as the increase in the strength of NATO due to President Trump’s successful efforts in pressuring NATO countries to meet their financial obligations.

The president has calculated that it is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity of strength to end the harm that the Chinese regime has been causing to the United States as well as to countries around the world.

One tactic the president has used with trade negotiations is the implementation of tariffs on Chinese made goods. Tariff critics, many of whom have business interests in China have repeatedly stated that the tariffs will hurt U.S. consumers as will cause inflation. However inflation has remained low in the United States and due to the strong U.S. economy and record low unemployment due to tax reforms and massive regulations being cut, this has caused employers to compete for workers. This has resulted in wage increases for the first time in many years for most Americans and as such any inflation has been imperceptible or negligible to consumers.

So at this point the United States has been faring quite well in the ongoing trade tensions. However, China is not doing so well.

China is having its slowest economic growth in 30 years due to a decrease in manufacturing, some of which has moved back to the United States due to changes in policy and tax regulations and some of which has moved to other countries.

China’s stock market has also taken multiple extreme hits since President Trump’s forceful actions against China, however China cannot hit back at the United States too hard because it needs the United States consumer market and causing problems that would negatively effect U.S. consumption of Chinese goods would be devastating for China and President Trump is using these factors to strategically apply and then release pressure on China.

China respects President Trump

Although China has been shaken up by President Trump’s actions, it has great respect for the president and what he has been accomplishing.

Michael Pillsbury, author of the critically acclaimed book on China called “The Hundred-Year Marathon,” is an academic at Washington’s Hudson Institute and former Reagan and George H.W. Bush Pentagon official. He is fluent in Mandarin and has significant connections in China.

In an appearance on the “Tucker Carlson Show” on Fox News, he stated that in a recent trip to Beijing, he was told that the Chinese regime thinks, “President Trump is basically the superior president out of the last five or six that have dealt with China. He’s really got their attention. They’re quite concerned that there’s something deeper going on than they’re aware of so you get this sense that the Chinese leadership and the advisers to the leadership are afraid of being outsmarted by President Trump.”

Pilsbury continued, “In China they now are beginning to think that president Trump is so smart, as you say, playing three-dimensional chess that he has got the Europeans on his side and they’ve issued a set of warnings just in the past week to the Europeans not to fall for president Trump’s trap.”

Pillsbury added, “I think it’s refreshing to see this level of respect for the United States. I haven’t seen it in 40 years. Usually the Chinese look down on us as not being very bright.”

Although having respect for President Trump, considering the difficulties that the president has caused for the Chinese regime they would clearly prefer that he not be re-elected in 2020.

As such, the regime has already taken actions to influence targeted voters in Midwest states, particularly farmers who have seen decreases in sales to China since the president imposed tariffs. China has purchased ads in American papers in the Midwest, which the president has called “propaganda ads.”

China Daily, which is one of the Chinese regime’s main propaganda organizations has been purchasing multipage supplements in U.S. papers designed to look like they are part of the actual newspapers. This included Iowa’s largest paper, the Des Moines Register, in the run up to the last midterm elections.

In response, President Trump tweeted, “China is actually placing propaganda ads in the Des Moines Register and other papers, made to look like news. That’s because we are beating them on Trade, opening markets, and the farmers will make a fortune when this is over!”

Although there have been some farming sectors, which have felt some negative effects from the tariffs, the farmers understand the importance of President Trump’s efforts to improve the overall situation with China and support for the president remains high among farmers.

President Trump has also taken steps to alleviate the difficulties presently experienced by some farmers and recently announced that tax revenue coming from tariffs charged to China would be redirected to provide financial assistance to farmers to the extent that their income would be equivalent to what would be considered a good year.

With aggression by the Chinese regime from both inside and outside the United States, there is no indication that President Trump has any intention of backing down.

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