Eric Trump wants the international community to make the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) completely end its forced organ harvesting practices.

The Vassar College adjunct instructor, who has the same name as former President Donald Trump’s second son, hopes the CCP will stop butchering its own people to sell each organ for between $60,000 and $90,000.

Instead of relying on governments to impose sanctions, the international medical community can immediately introduce various measures to force the CCP to “live up to human rights standards.”

“Transplant researchers can refuse to share medical information with their Chinese counterparts, journals can choose not to publish transplant research from China unless researchers prove the organ came from a willing donor, [and] professional societies can reject Chinese transplant surgeons unless they can prove they adhere to internationally accepted ethical standards,” he said in an opinion article published in the Times-Union.

Trump revealed that Israel, Italy, Spain, and Taiwan have already enacted laws prohibiting transplant tourism to mainland China.

“In 2006, two major transplant hospitals in Queensland, Australia, banned joint research programs into organ transplantation with China,” he said. “Such robust actions as these on a fully international scale would go a long way to pressure China to open its transplant industry to scrutiny and, perhaps one day, reform.”

He would like to see more health professionals take similar action before the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. He cautioned clinicians against relying on more than 180 human rights organizations and lawmakers in the United States, Canada, and Australia to boycott the event to protest the CCP’s human rights abuses.

“The expectation that an Olympic boycott will change Chinese behavior is naive,” he said.

New York City-based Icahn School of Medicine psychiatry ethics education director Jacob Appel could not agree more.

“Instead of making a broad, symbolic gesture that will harm primarily our own athletes, specific action can be taken now to mitigate one of China’s most egregious human rights abuses: the extrajudicial execution of prisoners of conscience to supply Chinese nationals and medical tourists with organ transplants,” he said in the same opinion article. “Until then, China’s surgical community will operate under a dark cloud.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) recently signed state Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 into law. The legislation condemns the CCP’s systematic killing of Uighur native people and peaceful Falun Dafa meditation adherents, both of whom are targeted for their organs.

The unanimously passed resolution also urges U.S. Congress and President Joe Biden to prosecute perpetrators and ban them from entering the United States. It also prohibits U.S. medical and pharmaceutical companies from collaborating with their Chinese counterparts in the black organ trade.

“The number of transplants far exceeds the number of voluntary organ donations in the country,” the resolution said. “The medical community [is urged] to educate Texans about the risks of travel to China for organ transplants to help prevent Texas residents from unwittingly becoming involved in murder in the form of forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience.”

Trump cited reports from the U.S.-based China Organ Harvest Research Center and China Tribunal that found China’s “modest” transplant industry grew “exponentially” after the CCP began persecuting and slandering Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) adherents.

“Such attitudes rendered adherents enemies of the state–and a reservoir of organs worth millions of dollars,” he said. “Falun Gong detainees have described undergoing regular imaging and medical examinations typical of pre-transplant work-up.”

Wait times have also significantly decreased to a matter of weeks or even days.

“Chinese actor Fu Biao received a liver just one week after his cancer diagnosis,” Trump said. “When this rejected, he received another a month later. Such a quick turnaround is unheard of in a[n ethical] donative system.”

The CCP even encouraged fly-in, fly-out foreigners to consider mainland China for a quick organ transplant.

“In one well-documented case, an Israeli patient flew to China in 2005 for a heart transplant that had been scheduled two weeks prior,” Trump said. “The only way to plan a heart transplant is to have a victim selected in advance.”

Plano Falun Dafa adherent Shirley Hu hopes more kindhearted people will help raise awareness of this “crime against humanity.”

“China has become a destination for transplant tourism,” she said in a letter to the editor published in the Dallas News. “The more that people know about this, the less likely they will become unwitting accomplices to the heinous crime.”

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