A renowned comedian and political commentator claims he suffers from months of adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine.

Jimmy Dore had a second dose of Moderna in April. By late July he was still experiencing fevers, body aches, joint pain, fatigue, and a stiff neck.

His doctor examined him and found the patient also suffered from brain swelling, which the vaccine’s spike protein had likely caused. The clinician was separately treating a neurosurgeon, nurse, and three other vaccinated patients who had the same complaints.

Dore revealed he chose Moderna because he has an underlying health condition called hypophosphatemic osteomalacia. This is a rare metabolic bone disease.

“I do not trust the government or big pharma,” he said in a video shared on YouTube. “I trusted my doctor, my doctor who saved my life and said, ‘Because of your thing [chronic disease] you should get [Moderna.]'”

The comedian revealed he is not the only patient, who experienced side effects and feels reluctant to speak openly about health challenges.

“They were afraid to talk about their symptoms because they were afraid to be ostracized and stigmatized,” he can be heard saying. “What a messed up situation, when in this culture they politicize medicine [and] where doctors and medical professionals are afraid to talk about their symptoms.”

Dore hopes his candid conversation about adverse reactions will encourage others to come forward about their side effects too.

“I had my second Moderna shot last Saturday, I am still experiencing flulike symptoms, body aches, mild headaches, and waves of exhaustion that come out of nowhere,” he said on Twitter. “Should I be concerned that this is lasting for a week? Anybody else have similar experience?”

When he first went public about his bad experiences, his credibility as an entertainer was almost instantly attacked. Critics wrongly began calling him an anti-vaccine activist, according to Children’s Health Defense.

“People started to call me ‘anti-vax,'” he said in the video. “I am like, ‘No I got the vax.'”

He believes it is his civic duty to report any adverse reactions to help scientists improve disease prevention medication.

“When people have a reaction to an experimental vaccine that is not FDA-approved, you are supposed to not suppress the reactions,” he can be heard saying. “You are supposed to ask people what the reactions are so we can make the vaccines better.”

Podcaster Joe Rogan described debate about vaccine side effects as a “nutty, divisive issue.”

“It is also putting people in a position where big pharma is the good guy now, which has never happened before,” he said in the same video. “Especially the exact same companies people were openly criticizing in the past and pointing out lawsuits they lost for hiding information about test results and things that have happened during studies.”

“These same people are now ignoring any possible side effects,” he added.

Rogan also took aim at White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for erroneously claiming that mRNA vaccines are approved by the FDA and have a “gold standard.”

“You cannot say that when you are the White House press secretary because that is not a true statement,” he can be heard saying. “It is approved for emergency use authorization because we are in the middle of a pandemic.”

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