Yu Zongji (余宗基), the former dean of the School of Political and Warfare at the National Defense University in Taiwan, pointed out in an interview with DaJiYuan media that the Chinese regime has a “green-gold scheme” which is quietly infiltrating and controlling the world’s political and business elites.

He explained that the ‘green-gold scheme’ refers to the many illegal organs from China that the Chinese Communist Party or CCP has made available for transplantation to politicians and celebrities from various countries with health problems. As a result, many people risk going to China for organ transplants because they are either unable or have to wait a long time to obtain organs locally.

Since 2000, China’s organ transplant industry has thrived. Unlike other countries, which require transparent registration and long-term waiting to exchange organs, it usually only takes one or two weeks to exchange organs in mainland China. At the same time, fresh and high-quality organs are guaranteed.

An article published on phonixtv.com in 2006 showed that more than 3,000 Koreans have gone to China for organ transplants in the past three years, while the number of people from other countries and regions receiving transplanted organs in China is also more than 1,000 every year.

Yu Zongji said that this green–gold scheme generally existed in two forms. One was for people who were in urgent need of organ transplants. They used money and connections to find intermediaries to help connect them with Chinese hospitals for organ exchange. However, the communist regime then uses their information as a threat against them if need be, especially high-profile people, making them obediently accept the regime’s orders like a puppet.

Secondly, the totalitarian regime would take the initiative to contact the parties through channels by obtaining the physical conditions of specific people, including high-ranking politicians, corporate consortia, and other people in various countries. Finally, it claims that it can supply patients with required organs, and there would be no legal responsibility and no disclosure of information.

Yu Zongji said that the lethality and destructive power of the CCP’s “green-gold scheme” far exceeds the “blue-gold-yellow plan (BGY).” The BGY plan is a particular term describing the CCP’s three methods to infiltrate countries by controlling online speech, bribing with money, and sexual seduction. He warned that people of all countries should be vigilant to avoid falling into the CCP’s criminal trap.

The Wall Street Journal reported in February 2019 that matching organs were offered to patients in China and foreigners just within days. By studying statistics from Chinese hospitals, former Canadian politician and prosecutor David Kilgour, lawyer David Matas, American journalist Ethan Gutmann, and a team of academics corroborated the crime.

The news outlet also disclosed that in 2005, China’s former vice-minister of health and chairman of the country’s organ-transplant committee, Dr. Huang Jiefu, ordered two spare livers as backups for a medical procedure. The following morning, they were delivered.

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